DIY jobs that will warm up your home for winter

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Make sure the winter weather doesn’t make your home feel chilly. These are the items for your to-do list so you can stay cosy for the whole season.

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Work on the windows

Draught-proofing your windows is a quick, low cost and money saving fix when heat’s leaking out this way. You’ll just need to clean the frames and then stick on draught excluder, which you can buy from DIY stores. It won’t show, but it will do an effective job.

A second project worth undertaking and one that definitely will be apparent (but for all the right reasons) is fitting shutters. Wooden shutters can stop heat leaking out if they’re closed at dusk, a study by Edinburgh World Heritage showed, meaning you can pat yourself on the back for opting for an energy-efficient and good-looking window treatment.

Insulate the loft

If your loft isn’t insulated – or what you have is insufficient – it’s time to sort it out because this is one of the best measures you can take to retain the heat inside your home where it should be. Some 270mm is the depth recommended by the Energy Saving Trust for mineral wool insulation – other types need different depths, so check before you buy.

Rolls of mineral wool insulation are easy to deal with when you’re topping up and you can choose the thickness and width you need. You can also use it if there’s nothing already there with the first layer laid between joists and the second at right angles to cover them. Need to use the loft as storage space? It’s still possible to fit the recommended level of insulation but you’ll need to take a slightly different approach.

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Sort out interior doors

Feeling a stream of cold air when you should be snug on the sofa? If you’ve fixed the windows maybe it’s an internal door that’s the culprit. Brush strips will sort out gaps at the base of any door between rooms and self-adhesive draught strip around the frame will complete the job.

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Look at the letterbox

Brush strips are an essential for external doors, too, as well as seals around the frame, but don’t forget that your letterbox could be stealing the heat from your home – and even the keyhole may be doing you a disservice. Letterbox and keyhole covers are as easy to fit as other draught-proofing measures and for a DIYer with your skills will mean you’ll have the job done and a cuppa in hand in no time at all.

Wrap up pipes, tanks and cylinders

Owner of a hot water cylinder without a jacket or fitted with one that’s less than 75mm thick? It’s time to dress it in a British Standard model. Look at your pipes, too. Exposed hot water pipes should be also be finished with pipe insulation to keep water hotter for longer – after all, no one wants a lukewarm bath.

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Warm up underfoot

When the chill’s down by your ankles, check out skirting boards and fill any gaps with flexible sealant or wooden beading. It’s also possible to put insulation between joists underneath the floorboards of a suspended floor, or put an insulated suspended floor above a concrete version.


Don’t forget to treat your feet, either, to warm up this winter. Hard floorcoverings will feel more inviting in winter months with a rug on top.

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