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Shop smart on Black Friday

California Shutters 16/11/2017 11:10:25 Offers

It may be an import to UK shores, but Black Friday – and the Cyber Monday that follows it – has become a huge shopping event. If you can hang on for Black Friday offers, significant savings on home buys are there to be made, whether you’re starting on a project, doing a room makeover, or simply need to replace worn items. Here’s what to consider…

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We can give you the inside track on this one. Shop for our shutters and save a whopping 20% off all ranges. It’s not a one-day only offer, either. Our Black Friday sale runs from 17 to 26 November 2017. Our advice? Choose the shutter style you love and get measuring now so you’re ready to order when the sale starts.

DIY Black Friday

Regular do-it-yourselfers and those embarking on room revamps as well as just-started-out shelf hangers and all levels in between might want to bookmark the B&Q Black Friday page. What to look out for? In previous years there were big savings to be made on a wide range of popular products including cordless combi drills.

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Black Friday can be a great opportunity to shop for a new mattress from a major department store. How do you know you’re due for a new one? Waking up with aches and pains is a sign that a change is due, while a mattress over seven years old is getting to the end of its life, and if you can make a saving, too… It’s important to buy a mattress that’s suitable for the base or bed frame as the two work together. Check now, so you can be ready to buy the right version when the discounts start.


More home storage is on most of our wishlists and Black Friday can be an opportunity to boost it, so check out furniture sellers if you’re short on essentials like chests of drawers. Favourite home retailer not holding a Black Friday sale? Look out for discount codes, which may be available around Black Friday instead of one-off sale items. You may need to sign up to an email list to obtain them, and it’s worth checking retailers’ Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, too.

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Small electrical

Items like coffee machines and blenders are the Black Friday home buys you might want to hang on for if you’re in line for replacements. Department stores as well as major chains are the places to look. It’s worth checking out prices now, so that you can be ready to spot the best bargains as the hype can be bigger than the saving. 

Large appliances

There have been large savings on white goods such as washing machines and fridges from online and department stores and chains in previous Black Friday sales. If this is what you’re after, do pay attention to the energy ratings of your proposed purchase before buying, so the running costs don’t eat into savings over the course of the appliance’s life. Compare ratings for items of the same size, though, as these are usually given based on the size category, and a higher rated but larger capacity fridge-freezer, for example, could be more expensive to run than a smaller but lower rated version.

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Bed linen and towels

There are often great savings to be made on Black Friday homeware such as bedding and towels. The timing’s great if you need to get ready for Christmas visitors who are staying over, as well as swap items that are starting to show the effects of repeated washing and drying cycles. Look out for classic plain colours, as well as patterned linens that are still on trend, such as geometrics.