How to design and plan the perfect ensuite bathroom

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Fitting and decorating an ensuite bathroom creates particular challenges. Check out our expert advice and get your room right first time.

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Decide on fittings

The size of your ensuite will probably have an influence on the fittings you can use unless the room’s luxuriously large. If the latter is the case (lucky you), then think about what you really, really want rather than automatically opting for a shower, basin and toilet combination. For example, you may like to go to town with a gorgeous freestanding bath in your ensuite so you don’t do your bathing in the family bathroom – just think of the peace and quiet. Alternatively, you might want to leave the main bathroom to the kids entirely and make space for bath, shower, basin and loo in your ensuite.

Of course, when the room’s small, the choices are more limited but do look at options such as shower-baths for a two-in-one answer, or sliding and bifolding shower doors that save space in the floor plan, if you’re opting for a separate enclosure.

Compact rooms can also benefit from wall-hung basins and toilets because leaving more of the floor on show will make a small ensuite feel bigger.

Pure Wave Walk In shower, The Pure Bathroom Collection from Smiths Briten 

Get clever with the shower

It’s worth paying close attention to the shape of the shower enclosure in an ensuite, too. Square enclosures are space saving, but a rectangular version could fit the room and make for a more elbow-sparing morning drenching. Go for a pentagonal enclosure (right angle at the back and three sides at the front) and you’ll get more showering area but maximise floor space outside. Too angular? A quadrant (right angle at the back, curved front) will pull off a similar trick but with softer lines.

And though it may seem like a detail, even the shower tray will influence the appearance of your ensuite. Go low and the room will be more wet room-like and feel more spacious.

Tavo Glass Penny Round Mosaics, Original Style 

Decorate to impress

Ensuites are often neglected in the decorating stakes, but all white can be very clinical, and making an impact if your room’s small can be achieved at very little expense. Try adding colour or texture with wall tiles – you don’t need to use them all over for a striking effect. Painting one of the room’s walls is an even cheaper way to give it personality, of course, or add an accent with your choice of shutters www.californiashutters.co.uk (of which more below).

Large Industrial Wirework Shelf, Live Laugh Love 

Fit in storage

Put storage on your plan from the start for a sleek finish. Make a list of what you need to stash: is it lotions, potions and loo roll, or are you aiming to keep towels in there, too? Choosing a basin unit that has a cupboard underneath is space saving, and you can fit furniture around the walls just as you might in the kitchen.

Don’t dismiss open shelving and wall-hung storage, either. Both can make use of ‘dead’ space, and mean you can put your most upmarket toiletries or accessories on display as well as store essentials, giving an ensuite individual style.

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Think window treatment

Lucky enough to have a window in your ensuite? Then make sure you don’t block all that lovely light when you dress it. You will – unless you really do live in the middle of nowhere – still need to keep your ablutions to yourself, and that means your window treatment also needs to create privacy. Know where we’re going with this? Shutters www.californiashutters.co.uk will fulfil both the letting light in and keeping prying eyes out briefs, but they’ll do it in a space-efficient way and look smart to boot, so don’t blame us for recommending them. You might also want to bear in mind that our Polyvinyl shutters http://www.californiashutters.co.uk/shutters/ranges/vinyl-shutters are an easy-care and durable option for an ensuite.


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