How to repair plantation window shutters

California Shutters 06/10/2017 09:54:02 DIY and How-to Guides
how to repair plantation shutters California Shutters

If we're really honest, there’s not that much that can go wrong with our DIY window shutters, so it's unlikely that you’ll need to fix them. However, here are some FAQs to help you, should your shutters ever need a little TLC.
I’ve pulled one of the slats off – what should I do?

For future reference, only open and close your shutter panels by gripping the frame – never pull on the slats themselves. If you've detached one and it won’t go back into position, give us a call or send us an email. It may be that the louvre pin needs replacing or you may have damaged the slat itself. It should be no problem for us to reorder spare slats and pins – and, usually, all the other spare parts you might need, too.

How do I put a new slat in?

The simplest thing to do is to watch our video on how to change slats. It also shows how to replace a broken louvre pin, should that be the repair job you need to tackle.
I’ve damaged my shutter by bashing a piece of furniture into it. What should I do?

Contact our team who will establish the best solution for you. We can reorder individual parts of your shutter, if required. It might be that you need to order a whole new panel, which could be sent without the hinges for you to rehinge (and if you can’t remember how, check out our installation guides).

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I’ve chipped the paint finish on one of my shutter panels. What next?

We can send out a pot of paint for you to cover up the chip. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
What happens if my shutters arrive damaged?

It’s really unlikely that your shutters will need repairing before you’ve even installed them because we do everything in our power to ensure that the shutters you receive will arrive in perfect condition. In the event of transit damage or if there is a quality issue from manufacturing, we are delighted to offer a “no quibble” free replacement – just get in touch.
What is the guarantee period?

Good news! Our shutters come with a 36 month guarantee, so if you have any problems in that time, you’re covered.

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