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Get the look: Wooden Shutters

Fiona Duffy 24/10/2018 11:03:48 Buying Shutters, Inspiration

Looking to create year-round cosiness in your home? Then wooden shutters are for you. Luxurious, warming and filled with character, here’s how to create your ideal look with our Grained Hardwood wooden shutter range.

First up, why wooden shutters?

Wooden shutters, whether painted or stained, are the most practical window dressing for everyday living. They’re simple to keep clean, simple to open and close allowing you to regulate light very easily, and they offer excellent heat insulation benefits too. Wooden shutters look great in all types of interiors too...


For rustic interiors…

If you’re channeling a rustic, industrial look with your interiors, wooden shutters offer a rich grain to compliment this scheme. Look no further than our Grained Hardwood shutter range. Made from sustainably sourced Ash. Close up these shutters have a deep texture to touch, with our other shutter ranges offering a smooth feel. The rustic look is all about darker stains and materials like leather, brick, metal or concrete. Our Chestnut or Java stained shutters are the perfect rustic accent to a room.


For minimal, scandi interiors...

If you’re a fan of the scandi look inspired by raw materials such as ceramic clay, linen, wool, felt and fur, opting for Grained Hardwood wooden shutters in our Natural stain will bring a minimal ‘raw’ look to your interiors. If you don’t want a grained appearance and you’re keen on shutters with a Nordic look, look at our Smooth Hardwood shutters which come in a range of scandi paints within our California Collection. See our full stains and colour options here.


For eclectic interiors...

Wooden shutters are renowned for bringing charm to a home, an important part of creating an eclectic look. The irregularity of the grain in every slat makes them a unique option for making a feature of your window. If your room is looking a little ordinary or lacklustre and you want to create a well travelled, eclectic vibe, wooden shutters are the perfect fix. They offer an alternative look to your window dressing and compliment all patterns, fabrics and colours you’ve curated in your eclectic furniture and home accessories.


For hygge interiors...

If you mean business and want all out dramatic cosiness in your room, opt for rich, dark colours on your walls and trim with a warm stain on your shutters to make a cosy impact. Our Warm Cherry stain is a stunning option for a living area or dining room, inviting warmth into the space. Equally dramatic in a bedroom, these shutters make a spectacular view from the front of period properties. The best thing about this cosy look? It will age timelessly. Wooden shutters are versatile - easily coordinated to different decorative colour schemes so you can re-decorate as many times as you like through the years.


For french chic interiors…

French-chic interiors is all about subtle charm, a flash of wooden shutters rather than wooden shutters from top to toe. If this is a look you love why not opt for cafe style wooden shutters in a classic wooden stain. Cafe style shutters are installed to the lower half of your window and offer privacy, charm and light control, while the top half of your window remains bare allowing light to stream through. The extra light coming from the windows above accentuate the grain of the wood. To bring a more luxurious look to your french look interiors, hang curtains in a complimentary fabric on either side of your window which will help to block out the light above, in the evenings.


For interior styles you might change later…

If you're the type that likes to change your decoration style every few years, our Grained Hardwood shutters are available in 12 standard paint colours - from Pure white to Taupe to our darkest colour, Clay - which means you can achieve a wooden shutter look in a colour that suits any decor scheme. Opting for our Grained Hardwood shutter range in a paint colour will still give you that deep textured grain alongside your chosen colour. Pure White is the most popular wooden shutter we sell as it has such a timeless edge to suit all decoration.

Feel the grain of our wooden shutters for yourself and order up to 3 free samples in our Grained Hardwood range and see how your preferred materials and finishes look…​