Why should I buy white shutters?

Sean Baldwin 04/10/2019 10:57:32 Buying Shutters
When embarking on home renovation projects, there’s a very good reason why white plantation shutters are often at the top of DIYers’ wish lists. Inside and outside, they make a beautiful difference to anyone’s home. Let’s look into why white shutters, above all others, remain such a perennially popular choice, whilst showcasing some Instagrammers’ pictures of their California Shutters!

White shutters – what are the benefits?

White shutters - California Shutters
White Cafe-style shutters. Images: overatno_43

The great thing about white shutters is that they’re so versatile – suiting practically every environment and complementing all colour schemes. They’re especially effective at matching all shades, particularly at the subtle end of the spectrum. With their pale, clean aesthetic, white plantation shutters create a wonderful sense of calm, especially in busy home or office environments.

A timeless appeal

White full height shutters - California Shutters
White Full height shutters. Images by: thatchedcottagecotswolds
Although we have different shutter shades available in our California Collection, it’s our Pure White colour that reigns supreme. When most people think of plantation shutters, it’s this classic shade that springs to mind, and it’s available in our Affordable Wood Hybrid, Smooth Hardwood, Grained Hardwood and Waterproof vinyl shutter ranges.

Whether you’re installing in a country cottage or a minimalist, modern home, shutters exude the type of class that a vivid white can only magnify.

They’re dandy for Scandi

Hygge white shutters California Shutters
Image credit: My Scandinavian Home  
If you’re familiar with hygge then you’ll know how this Scandinavian trend champions the charms of simple, spacious panoramas that feature neutral tones and an abundance of greys and whites. This look suits white plantation shutters perfectly. They not only open up to let the light in, but also open up the look of a room, day and night, by virtue of their pale colour and simple, effective design.

If you have a room with a recessed window, then curtains are going to make it feel cramped when they’re closed. White plantation shutters, fitted bespoke to your exact measurements, will completely transform and open up your room!

White shutters add value & save on bills
It’s a given in the housing market that plantation shutters add value to a home, significantly boosting kerb appeal. After saving money by taking the self-install route, white shutters will also save money on your heating bills as they retain insulation far more effectively than blinds or curtains.

In darker months, you’ll be able to make the most of any available sunshine through slat control, keeping natural light at a premium and leaving the lights off for longer. In summer months, maintain your privacy by closing your shutters with the slats tilted and keep your windows open to maximise air flow.

Why should I buy White Shutters - California Shutters
White full height shutters. Images: everyh0me
Less stress through noise reduction

Many of us live next to busy roads and have to put up with distracting noises from traffic and people, creating rising stress levels over time. A combination of the high-quality wood that we use with a precise fitting ensures that your white shutters act as a significant barrier to exterior sound, especially when fitted against double glazing.

Easy to maintain

Shutters are not only beautiful to look at but they’re also the easiest of window dressings to maintain, with no boring trips to the dry cleaners required. Although white shutters might show the dust off a wee bit more than darker shades, a quick wipe with a feather duster or cloth will soon sort them out! 

If you’d like to chat to one of our experts about installing white shutters for your home then email or call us – we’re more than happy to help!