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5 ideas to make the most of your kitchen windowsill

Sean Baldwin 12/09/2019 13:01:06 Inspiration
It’s one of those areas that we all too easily take for granted, the humble kitchen windowsill. There it is, always in our field of vision when we’re busy at the sink, but it often remains overlooked – in more ways than one! So, let’s change all that, shall we? If your kitchen windowsill is looking a little bare these days, then let us help with some ideas that’ll add some much-needed charm.

How to make the most of your kitchen windowsill

Rather than seeing our windowsills as a purely functional aspect of our kitchens, when we look at them as a decorative complement to the view from our windows, then we can start to get creative and really have some fun with them.

1. Kitchen shutters

5 ideas to make the most of your kitchen windowsill - California Shutters

Image credit: California Shutters 

One of the most practical and delightful ways to improve the look of your windowsill area is with kitchen shutters. Crucially, they’re easy to clean and maintain and they don’t absorb kitchen humidity and odours like curtains and blinds are prone to.

Plantation shutters also sit right up against the window, so leave you ample room for styling. If you opt for café style shutters, which cover the lower half of your windows, then you’ll bring a lovely, soft light into your home. They’re stylish, long-lasting and put you firmly in control of controlling your privacy.

2. Make the most of a deep windowsill 

best ideas for windowsill design - California Shutters
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A windowsill with added depth offers a great opportunity to accessorise and add visual stimulation. If you’re cultivating a country kitchen look, then you could add wicker baskets, glass bottles and galvanised zinc storage pots, which also come in handy as a means of extra storage.

Keep the worktop area as uncluttered as you can by decanting your washing up liquid into a bottle, maintaining the rustic vibe

Display some beautiful plants

creative windowsills - California Shutters
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Whether your window looks out onto a verdant view or not, any living space can benefit from an injection of glorious greenery. Choose your favourite plants and add some character by placing them into different containers.

Mix up the height of your plants and pick some pots that complement your kitchen’s colour scheme. If you’re unsure of which containers to use, then zinc pots, patterned pottery or deep metallic trays will do a stylishly effective job.

4. Add some spice

creative windowsills - California Shutters
Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Keeping with the green theme, if you have limited storage space in your kitchen and you find it difficult to find a good home for your garlic, herbs and tomatoes, then how about creating a herb garden for your kitchen window? Utilising the most basic of DIY skills and a small amount of ‘S’ hooks, you can make the best of an otherwise redundant area by using it to dry out herbs and hang garlic.

Empty mason jars can also be ideal receptacles for hanging herbs in, as well as upside down planters that make your leaves easily accessible. If your window provides a decent amount of light, then it’s the ideal place to hang your tomatoes and grab some essential ingredients as you’re cooking.

5. Subway tiles

5 ideas to make the most of your kitchen windowsill - California Shutters

Subway tiles have been popular for some time now and it’s easy to see why. They present a clean, functional look that’s very calming on the eye. A classic colour choice is white, but as many variant hues are available, then why not switch the colours up a bit? Bolder colours and patterns are in for 2020 and beyond, no mistake.

Add some sounds to the mix, prepare a smattering of candles in jars, open a bottle a wine and the mood’s all set for the perfect night in the tiles!
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