B&Q DIY Shutter Shop Launching This Week

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 03/01/2009 14:09:28

This week sees a new chapter for the UK's largest DIY retailer B&Q with the launch of www.diy.com/shutters - B&Q's dedicated online shutter shop. The B&Q shutter shop site will be open for business from Friday 16th January 2009.

B&Q customers will now have the ability to shop for custom made wooden plantation shutters 24/7 via this brand new part of B&Q's site. B&Q chose The California Company as their dedicated shutters partner in 2007.

Following successful co-operation trialing the sale of wooden plantation shutters in select B&Q retail stores, both parties decided last year that opening a dedicated online shutter shop, accessed via www.diy.com would be the best way forward. Since August 2008, both B&Q and The California Company have been working to build a dedicated shutter shop, to best meet B&Q customer needs. After much hard work, the shop is now making final preparations to open for business on Friday.

Director of The California Company Murray Clark comments, "We are delighted to see this major expansion of our partnership with B&Q. B&Q customers now have a dedicated shutter shop, accessed directly via www.diy.com/shutters. The shop has a similar design to our own shutter shop which was relaunched in 2008, but with certain unique features, specifically for B&Q customers. We are the UK's leading DIY shutters specialist with thousands of shutters self installed every year. The feedback we receive consistently highlights how easy our customers find the process of buying and fitting our wooden shutters and with B&Q customers being among the most savvy of DIY'ers, we're sure they'll find their shutter shop just as easy to use!"

All shutters are custom made exactly to each customer’s requirements. The California Company is the only online company selling this unique FSC certified wood plantation shutter. For more information about B&Q's partnership with The California Company call 0845 017 8990.