Cheshire Plantation Shutters in Cheshire Magazine

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 03/01/2009 14:02:12

Sustainable window shutters from The California Company were featured in the May edition of The North's leading home interiors magazine, 'Concept for Living'. The California Shutters Company is the only shutter online shutter company in the UK selling FSC certified shutters.

Concept for Living details that plantation shutters Cheshire sell at The California Company for £198 per square metre. This is the standard RRP for plantation shutters purchased via the online shutter shop on their website, but right now, they are running a shutters sales with shutters available from less than £168 per square metre. That makes the interior shutters on sale at The California Company the lowest priced wooden plantation shutters available in Cheshire and the UK. Prices include delivery and VAT and are manufactured using the latest technique giving customers a premium quality Window shutter but for an exceedinly low price.

Concept for Living is based in the north of England. The California Co ship shutters to Manchester, Hulme, Yorkshire, Lancashire and all of Cheshire. Infact, it doesn't matter where in the UK or Europe you are based, plantation shutters can be shipped directly to, you hassle free.

For more information about the FSC sustainable window shutters available from The California Company just visit their shutter shop for more information.