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Colour Works in House Beautiful Magazine

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 07/06/2016 14:09:37 House Beautiful


Our shutters are featured in House Beautiful magazine on a frequent basis as, to put it simply, they make your house beautiful! This section focuses on creating the perfect bedroom for a teenager, a dauting task while they want to express their own personality to the world - but at the end of the day you're the one paying the mortgage! Our custom coloured shutters are a great compromise here, allowing you to get the amazing shutters you want, but also fitting to their taste and styles.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, shutters are often a great choice for a teenager's bedroom due to their control and versatility. This image being a perfect example; shutters above or near a desk area can give you the perfect control of natural light into a working environment, known to increase productivity, while not allowing glare over a computer screen. On the other side of the spectrum, shutters may have better durability for any accidents that inevitably occur when friends are round! 

These particular shutters are our Smooth Hardwood, with 64mm slats and an open-sky appearance.