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What are DIY shutters?

DIY shutters from California Shutters are no different from those you’ll find at other measure and install companies.


They’re the same quality (or better) but you'll pay a lower price for your shutters. How so? Well, we sell our shutters cheaper because we don’t have to charge for measuring or installation. It’s that simple.


Plus, with our measure and installation guides, things couldn’t be easier.

We firmly believe that, when it comes to shutters, DIY is the way to go. Here's why: 

  • Budget-friendly
    There's no doubt about it - styling the home adds up. When you go with California Shutters you'll save upwards of 40% against other measure and install companies. Same quality, lower cost.

  • Easy-fit
    We like to keep things simple here. With our straightforward measuring and installing guides, you'll have your shutters up in no time. Plus, we'll always be here if you need to speak to the experts.

  • In your own time
    With DIY shutters, you have the flexibility to install them at your own pace, in your own time. Why not work to your own schedule instead of someone else's?

  • "Well done me"
    From putting up shelves to fixing a faulty tap, there's a thrill in completing a DIY project. Shutters are no different. After installation, you'll always be able to look at them and say, "I did that". 

Once you've decided DIY shutters are right for you, these are the next steps:

  1. Choose your DIY shutters
    Browse our collections and find your style.

  2. Measure up
    Read through our simple measuring guides to get started.

  3. Place your order
    Once you've chosen your shutters and entered your measurements, it's time to buy.

  4. It's on the way
    After production, we'll ship your shutters right to your door.

  5. Time to fit
    Follow our straightforward installation guides and you'll be done in no time.

  6. And that's it!
    Congrats! You've fitted your very own DIY shutters.

When you shop with California Shutters, you’ll choose from a wide range of DIY shutter styles to suit all interiors. From sleek minimalism to farmhouse rustic, there's something for everyone.

The Berkeley Collection

Hardwood shutters with a central tilt rod for a traditional feel. An absolute classic.

The Oakland Collection

Hardwood shutters with a hidden tilt rod. One for lovers of all things crisp, clean, and modern.

The San Jose Collection

UK-made, waterproof faux wood shutters with a classic central rod. An ideal blend of the modern and traditional.

The San Francisco Collection

Clean west coast lines with near-invisible clearview rods for a sleek and modern finish. Waterproof faux wood made in the UK.

The Sacramento Collection

Solid panel shutters inspired by the shutters of old. The perfect companion piece for period properties.

If you're wondering whether to go for DIY shutters or professionally installed shutters, you need to understand that DIY needn’t be an uphill battle.

We provide comprehensive yet simple guides and videos for free. And don’t forget, our expert customer service team is always here to lend a helping hand if you get stuck.

If, however, DIY isn’t for you, fret not! Our sister company, Shutterly Fabulous, has been in the measure and install game since 2002. If you’d like a free home consultation, visit their website today.

Browse our beautiful collections today and find your perfect style.