DIY or Leave It to the Professionals

Vivid White faux wood shutters in black and cream modern living room

You’ve decided to get your own shutters. Excellent choice. With their light management, privacy, insulation properties, and durability, they’re the perfect addition to any home. And that’s without even touching up their obvious aesthetic merits – they’re positively gorgeous! But then comes the age-old question: Do I opt for DIY shutters or bring in the professionals? At face value, this might seem like a proper head-scratcher. But fear not, because after just a few minutes, we’ll demystify the whole process. So, let’s get right to it.

DIY Shutters

If you’re worried about installing your own shutters please don’t worry, because you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. We’ll say to you what we say to all of our customers: installing your own DIY shutters is much easier than you might think. You don’t need a lot of kit, and even the most inexperienced DIYer can fire up a set of gorgeous shutters in no time.

Why DIY Shutters?

Cut costs
DIY Shutters are much more cost-effective than professionally installed shutters. In fact, when you shop with California Shutters, you’ll save more than 40% when compared to other measure and install companies. This is the perfect solution for making your new home more homely, especially when you have so much expenditure on a new house. 

It’s simpler than you think
At California Shutters, we’re a DIY company, so it stands to reason that we would want to keep things as simple as possible. Otherwise, we’re making things difficult for potential customers, and we can’t have that. Before you even place an order, you’re free to check out our easy-to-follow guides. Then, all you need is a drill, screwdriver, spirit level, measuring tape, and pencil. If you don’t have those, we’re sure the neighbours will. Plus, if you have any questions, our experts are always here to help.

Well done, you
One of our favourite aspects of any DIY project is the feeling of satisfaction that comes with stepping back and admiring your handiwork. With our DIY shutters, you’ll have this feeling for years to come, or even decades, because our shutters are built to last. We offer a warranty for peace of mind too.

Are DIY Shutters for Me?

Almost every single time we would say that self-installed shutters are the way to go. However, sometimes a set of professionally installed shutters is the way to go. For example, if you have a window that’s an unusual shape, maybe a circle or a triangle, we would suggest bringing in the experts. Or perhaps you have a window that’s a little crooked. Wonky windows, especially older ones, can prove a little tricky. In such cases, a qualified shutter specialist may be able to help.

Professionally Installed Shutters

There are more than a few measure and install companies in the UK. In fact, as of 2023, there are 100s throughout the length and breadth of the country. One such example is our sister company, Shutterly Fabulous. They offer free on-site consultations with their locally based shutter specialists. But before you do that, let’s cover the pros and cons first.

The Pros

Expert Advice
When working with a full-service company, you’ll have an on-site appointment. This gives you the opportunity to pick the brains of an expert and get their advice on the best solution for your windows. However, if it’s advice you’re after, don’t forget that our in-office team is always happy to have a chat. You can even email pictures of your windows to [email protected].

Save Time
If you’ve got a full diary, you may struggle to find the time it takes to install your own shutters. So, if you’re happy to let somebody work in your home for the day, that’s a problem solved. However, if you only have a couple of windows, this shouldn’t take more than a few hours, so don’t discount the idea of DIY shutters just yet.

The Cons

The Cost
With a full measure and install service, the company has to cover measuring, installation, and various other overheads. This results in a much higher premium. If you’re watching the purse strings, DIY shutters are the perfect solution.

Lead Times
Once your shutters have been manufactured, we ship them right to your door. Read our delivery information for more.

Delivery times can be a matter of days if you opt for our Faux Wood range. Conversely, a full-service provider will have to book you in for an appointment and then, once your shutters have been completed, you’ll have to again book an installation date. This can be swift, but if your diary is a little packed, you might have to wait a little longer.

If you’re still undecided or simply have a few questions for us, feel free to get in touch. Send an email to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.