Cream Window Shutters

Vivid White wooden shutters in a curved bay and neutral bedroom

Why choose cream plantation shutters?

When taking a stroll through your local area, it’s almost certain that the shutters you’ll see are either white or cream. Sure, we have other colours and hues. And sure, this gives our customers a huge range to choose from, no matter their décor. These are good things. But for a truly classic look, you can’t go wrong with cream window shutters. No matter the aesthetic you’re going for, they’ll blend in seamlessly with any design. Plus, brightly coloured shutters will add extra vim to even the dullest of rooms. What’s not to love?

There's a reason that cream window shutters are one of our most popular colours, they're timeless and will suit any interior design. Whether you have a neutral living room, a grey bedroom design or a brightly coloured kid's room, cream shutter blinds are a timeless solution.

What are the benefits of cream plantation shutters?

Before we get into the details of what makes cream window shutters one of our absolute favourites, we wanted to take the time to remind you why wooden shutter blinds are such a unique window dressing. And whilst you may already know some of this, a quick refresher can’t hurt, right? So, here’s a few of the things we love about shutters:

  • Cream shutters suit any interior design
  • Cream window coverings are a timeless style
  • Insulate your home and save on energy bills
  • Add value to your home and increase kerb appeal
  • Improve security and privacy
  • Add a layer of soundproofing
  • Fight condensation and damp with our waterproof Faux Wood Shutters

Whether you're looking for window dressings for a barn conversion, an apartment or an old cottage window treatment, plantation shutters tick every box.

Cream Window Shutter Styles

If we’re only talking about appearance, there is no right or wrong answer. Cream window shutters will always have that elusive “wow factor”. However, when considering which style works best for your space, you should base this on window size, practicality, your existing décor, and personal preference. This might sound like a lot to consider, but don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Full Height Shutters

Easily our most popular style, Full Height Shutters cover the entirety of the window. Panels open as one, while a mid-rail or hidden split may be added to allow for separate slat control on the top and bottom sections. This style is particularly well suited for small to medium-sized windows but will work with any style.

Café Style Shutters

With this café-inspired style, you’ll have a shutter which covers the bottom section of the window. Whilst café style shutters normally cover the bottom half, this is customisable and dependent on personal preference. They’re ideal for those who want all the privacy afforded by shutters while still letting plenty of light into the home. Although ideally suited to bays and Victorian sash windows, they’re a welcome addition to almost any space.

Tier-On-Tier Shutters

If you’re looking for a midway point between Full Height and Café Style, Tier-On-Tier shutters are the way to go. They cover the entire window, but the top and bottom sections move independently. This means you can open the top section away from the window while the bottom remains closed. When in this position, they will function the same as Café Style.

Solid Raised Shutters

Inspired by the shutters of yesteryear, these paneled solid shutters add an extra layer of grandeur to more traditional spaces. This makes them ideal for period properties or more rustically oriented spaces. Plus, the absence of slats means they’re excellent for keeping out light.

Got questions about our cream shutters?

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