How to Dress Old Cottage Style Windows

A cottage style living room with Snow White full height faux wood shutters

If you’re looking for cottage window ideas then look no further. There’s no wonky window you can’t fit shutters to! Plantation shutters are truly universal in their appeal and adaptability. They’re as much at home in a new build apartment as they are in a period property. As a timeless window dressing, they also complement that most classic of English homes, the country cottage, to perfect effect.

We catch up with two of our customers, Becca Norwood and Vicky Tilbury, to discover how they added the Californian dream to their lovely houses with cottage shutters!

Becca Norwood - @goldenfoxcottage

Hi Becca! Before you tell us about your installation, can you give us a bit of background info about yourself and your cottage?

I live in an 18th century cottage in Derbyshire where I’ve lived for nearly four years with my husband and two daughters. We’ve completely renovated the whole property and transformed every room, including the Victorian windows.

How would you describe your personal taste in décor?

Traditional with a modern twist.

Vivid White wooden shutters in pink and white dressing room

Berkeley Full Height Vivid White Shutters

What made you choose full height shutters for your cottage bedroom?
They‘re really elegant and beautiful to look at and I also feel the style goes perfectly with the look of our home.

Would you describe yourself as a DIYer?

We’ve tried to do as much of the decorating and renovation work ourselves as we believe this is more rewarding and saves on costs.

How easy were the shutters to install to cottage windows?

They were really easy to install without any challenges. We initially had some trepidation, as most of our walls are uneven and our windows are all different sizes (quirks of a cottage), but as we followed all the measuring guidelines beforehand, we didn’t have any problems.

What difference did the shutters make to your room?
They instantly made the room feel luxurious and sophisticated!

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about installing shutters but is unsure?
Simply follow the guidelines and videos available on the California Shutters website. We found these really useful.

Finally, what would you say is your favourite thing about your cottage shutters?
They’re beautiful, but they’re also solid and very good quality. We haven’t experienced any wear or tear and we’ve had them for nearly a year. I’m really impressed with them.

Thanks Becca! Now join us as we fly on over to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds to see inside Vicky’s cottage and how she’s dressing her cottage windows with shutters…

Placeholder image for use on California Shutters

Vicky Tilbury

Hi Vicky! We love how you’ve styled our California Shutters in your home! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your cottage?

I’m a complete interiors addict! I love helping friends and family with their homes, designing rooms, extensions etc. I do love a floor plan and I’m passionate about antique hunting and placing a mix of old and new in a home.

I used to fly for BA so I’m passionate about a good night’s sleep and a lovely bath! The cottage was set up with the intention of providing a beautiful, styled home-from-home luxury getaway.

Oh wow, your cottage is a holiday home, lucky you! Shutters are such a durable choice for holiday homes. We’re curious, how would you describe your personal taste in décor?

It’s a bit of a mix really. I’d say it’s all about the feeling. Lighting is super important and I always have lots of light sources in a room. A limited colour palette too. Organic fabrics, linen, velvet and natural wood are definitely favourites.

Traffic White full height wooden shutters in cottage window

Berkeley Full Height Traffic White Shutters

There’s no doubt about it that you’ve created a look to lust after. What made you choose California Shutters for your rooms?

I chose California Shutters firstly because the website was so easy to use. Surprisingly, you had a lot of great cottage window ideas. Pretty quickly I was able to work out a price per window, which really helps when you’re on a budget. Great colour choices too. Since our initial order, we’ve used you twice more.

The whole process was incredibly easy and customer service was terrific. An all-round great experience.

Would you describe yourself as a DIYer?

Yes, I am a DIYer! I’m always looking for the next project.

Traffic White wooden shutters in cottage window with stone wall and neutral decor

Berkeley Full Height Traffic White Shutters

How easy were the cottage shutters to install – any challenges with your cottage being a period property?

The shutters were very easy to install. Top tip .... on old properties make sure you measure the front of the wall and not just the wall near the window you’re planning, as old houses have very thick and often crooked walls! You need to be able to get the shutters in.

Great tip there, Vicky! What difference did the addition of cottage shutters make to your room?

A huge difference. Aesthetically they look clean and modern, considering they’re on cottage-style windows. A big bonus is that they offer privacy if you need it whilst still allowing light in. Surprisingly they block out light for sleeping too.

Traffic White wooden shutters in stone wall cottage

Berkeley Full Height Traffic White Shutters

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about installing shutters but is unsure?
I would say just go for it. I’ve had followers who were hesitant about installing asking me who I‘d used. After I recommended CS they’ve gone ahead and been very pleased with the results.

Finally, what would you say is your favourite thing about your shutters?

I just love the look that they give the room. They’re a piece of furniture in themselves really.

Thanks Vicky!

If you’re curious about getting a cost for shutters, or if you need help measuring and installing shutters to your cottage windows, we’re right here to help!