How to Dress a Bay Window

Vivid White box bay wooden shutters in living room with blue sofa

Bay window dressing ideas

We get it: bay window dressing ideas can be a real struggle, especially when carrying out multiple projects at once. Choosing between blinds, bay windows shutters and curtains can cause quite the headache.


It may not surprise you to learn that here at California Shutters, we are of the opinion that when it comes to bay window dressing, shutters are the only way to go.


There’s no need to just take our word for it though. Keep reading to find out just how shutters are the obvious choice when it comes to your bay window.

Ensure Your Bay Window Dressings Fit

This is one of the factors that make shutters vastly superior to blinds, curtains, or any other kind of bay window dressing. Our plantation shutters are made entirely to measure, ensuring that they will fit flush to your window.


Not only does this mean they look fantastic on any size bay window – whether it’s traditional or modern – but they won’t protrude into the room either, taking up as little space as possible.


We can even offer shutters for curved bay windows.

Bay window dressings that add kerb appeal

Bay windows are the wow-feature for a lot of homeowners, taking pride and joy at the front of the home. How better can you make the most of your bay windows by adding a bay window covering that adds to your home's kerb appeal?


If you're looking for a modern alternative to net curtains, plantation shutters are much more eye-catching than blinds and curtains, adding home value too.


We frequently get told by our customers how their guests can’t help but comment on their beautiful street-facing bay window adornments. And not only this, they also can add value to your home. So, if it comes time to sell, you’ll thank your shutters for the little boost to your bank account.

Vivid White full height wooden shutters in curved bay

Berkeley Full Height Curved Bay Shutters in Vivid White

Custom bay window treatments

Whether you’re thinking about your angled bay, or how to dress a square bay window, plantation shutters offer you the most options, and it’s not even close.

We have four different styles of shutters (Full height, Tier-on-tier, Solid, and Café style), four pushrod options, four slat sizes, three different materials, and a wide range of colours and stains. So, no matter your tastes and existing décor, you will be sure to find a design that blends in seamlessly with your bay windows. Whether it's box bay windows or angled bay windows, our made-to-measure shutter blinds will fit any bay window.

Bay window dressings to improve light and ventilation

While curtains and blinds are useful for light management to a degree, you aren’t afforded the same level of control as you are with shutters.


Their movable slats mean that you can control exactly how much light is let into your home. Not only this, but if you opt for our café style shutters, you can have the bottom half covered and leave the top shutterless. This grants you both privacy and maximum light exposure, keeping your room bright, airy, and safe from passers by sneaking a peak into your living room.


And due to their being fitted flush to your window, shutters are a great way of keeping a draft out, or the heat in. You simply don’t get that with curtains or blinds. 

Vivid White wooden shutters with cream traditional armchair

Berkeley Full Height Splayed Bay Shutters in Vivid White

Improve your bay window's privacy

Much like light management, bay windows will impact your privacy. Therefore, it's very important to carefully consider how to dress a bay window.


Curtains and blinds do provide privacy, but not in as manageable a way as shutters. If you go for full height shutters, you can opt for a mid-rail or hidden split, meaning you can have the bottom section of slats closed, with the top open.


Similarly, tier-on-tier shutters mean you can have the bottom panels closed with the top hinged open and away from the windows. This grants a perfect blend of privacy and light management. Should you wish to go a step further, our solid shutters are another great option. And don't forget, we offer shutters for curved bay windows too.

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