Bay Window Shutters

If you’re lucky enough to have bay windows as a feature in your room, plantation shutters are the perfect way to emphasise their period stylings.

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Why choose shutters for your bay windows?

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it; shutters are the ultimate window dressing for bay windows.

Research tells us time and again that shutters for box or curved bay windows add kerb appeal to your home. So, not only do they look fantastic, but they’ll add value to your property too.

Bay windows were originally designed to increase the light and views out and into your home, creating an incredible connection between the inside and outside. However, sometimes the light can be too much when you’re trying to work or watch the TV, which is why shutters are the perfect partner for bay windows. They allow you to regulate the light to the perfect level of ambience and also add greater privacy in your home from prying eyes.

Plantation shutters for box and bay windows

DIY shutters can be fitted to practically any bay window, regardless of style. Plantation shutters work for curved, angled and box bay windows. Whatever the composition of your window, there’s a plantation shutter for it. Our simple online guides help you measure for bay window shutters and walk you through step-by-step shutter installation, which many people don’t realise is pretty much the same as installing shutters to flat windows; no different to most flat-pack builds. If you need a bit of extra help with your bay window shutter blinds, feel free to email our friendly team at [email protected].

Vivid White wooden shutters in a curved bay and neutral bedroom

Berkeley Full Height shutters in Traffic White

Which shutter style best suits bay windows?

We’re believers that you should celebrate the grandiosity and period styling of bay windows. You’ll find that solid shutters or full height shutters will naturally give that feel and will sit in a bay as though they were always meant to be there. However, many people also opt for tier on tier shutters to add greater flexibility between letting in light and maintaining privacy in the daytime.

Solid panel shutters suit a more traditional look reminiscent of the original late Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses with imposing rustic window shutters, or the feel you might get from window shutters across the Mediterranean. You’ll also find they’re a great option for bedroom windows where blackout shutters are often a massive plus.

Full height and tier on tier will give you that classic plantation feel with fully adjustable light and privacy control. Tier on tier offers greater flexibility but will reduce the slatted area and have a greater depth centrally where the divide is, whereas full height give a cleaner more classic look. The decision here is one of practicality/flexibility vs. aesthetic precision; the choice is yours.

Café style shutters, whilst a less common choice, work perfectly in spaces where you are less overlooked but want to maximise light at all times. They often work well for dining rooms and kitchen spaces to give a bright and breezy feel over breakfast in the morning.


How to style bay window shutter blinds

Due to the light nature of bay windows, the tried and tested route is to opt for full height white bay window shutters. This accentuates that light and airy feel. Where your house has stripped wood our natural wood stains often slot in seamlessly with the window frames and surrounding architraves.

However, it’s worth considering how darker décor schemes can help add a cosy feel. Here, it might be worth looking at pairing your scheme with something like our Traffic Grey shutters to create greater impact and opulence, a perfect look with the Sacramento full height.

Vivid White wooden full height shutters in box bay living room window

Oakland Full Height shutters in Vivid White

Save on costs with DIY shutters

By choosing our uniquely designed kit build DIY shutters - as opposed to a full measure and installation service - you can reduce the cost of window shutters by up to 40%. Sometimes this can be the difference between affording shutters or not, and sometimes this difference is what allows people to opt for our more premium wooden shutters over cheaper MDF products elsewhere on the market.

It’s a long-term purchase that will never date, which is why it’s important to buy it once and do it right. Our innovative sell-install design, together with high-end product materials, will ensure you're satisfied.

At California Shutters, we’ll guarantee that you'll have your plantation shutters for years to come.

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