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Why choose loft shutters?

Shutters are the most versatile, stylish and simple to install window dressing for a loft conversion. It can be both fiddly and expensive to install curtains on dormer windows and often specialist poles are required. Blinds are, by their very nature, plain and functional. Shutters, by being available in different styles, colours and materials, add an extra dimension to any loft space.

They are better at blocking out light than other window dressings and take up less space than curtains. They’re also ideal for keeping out draughts and insulating the space in winter, whereas in summer the windows can be opened with the shutters remaining closed, allowing cooling light to enter through the slats whilst retaining privacy.

By becoming part of your loft’s fixtures and fittings, shutters can even help to add value to a property.

Which shutter styles work with loft windows?

It all comes down to personal preference, the style of your loft space and what you want to achieve with the shutters. Solid shutters look great on rustic dormer windows and are the best for blocking out the most light.

If you’re looking for versatility and light control, opt for full height shutters (i.e: slatted shutters that cover the whole window) - ideal for a Velux. Cafe style shutters cover the bottom half of a window yet may not be appropriate in the case of lofts, as windows tend to be smaller than other rooms in the home.

Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification.

Are loft shutters easy to measure and fit?​

The same guiding principles apply to measuring and fitting loft shutters as they do to other windows around the home. That is, measure your windows right and fitting the shutters is a doddle. Even those of you with minimal DIY experience should have no problem installing loft shutters as everything is delivered made-to-measure with all components included.

All you’ll need is a tape measure, spirit level, drill and screwdriver to install the perfect DIY shutters.

We’ve compiled a handy list of written and video guides to help you get started and the team are here to help should you ever need additional pointers.

Do loft shutters block out light? ​

No shutter completely blocks out all light, however they do a more than adequate job for most loft setups. Solid shutters are best for achieving near blackout, but suit dormer rather than Velux windows.

The vast majority of our loft shutter orders are of the slatted (non-solid) variety, however should you require additional light absorption we recommend installing some simple blackout blinds behind your shutters.

What colour do you recommend for loft shutters?

Once again, this comes down to personal preference. We offer a huge range of paints and natural wood stains (see them all here), however white shutters are by far our most popular.

White shutters work with practically any interior style, outlast changing trends and don’t clash with other elements in a loft space.

Wood stains work well for a more rustic, farmhouse style loft or, for something ultra modern, you could be bold and opt for a colour from our paints available across the Pure Hardwood range.

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Can you fit shutters to Velux windows?

In the majority of cases, Velux shutters are a possibility. However, because of their construction, Velux windows a little bit tricky. This is especially true for the DIYer. As such, we always recommend that you seek the help of a qualified professional before getting your own Velux shutters.

Luckily for you, our measure and install sister company are experts in all things shutters. They would be more than happy to arrange for one of their Shutter Specialists to come out and give you a free home survey.

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