Traditional Victorian Window Shutters

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Elegant Victorian window shutters

We love Victorian homes. They're architecturally arresting and chocked full of character, so it's important you choose a window solution that brings out the best in their unique features.
Shutters are a great option, adding elegance and flexibility to any room. Whether you want to update your home's look or accentuate its existing features, shutters are a sleek and welcoming window covering that will elevate any interior.
Choosing a style of Victorian shutters can be difficult, so to help you decide, we've provided a Q&A with all you need to know. Or simply click below to order your shutters today!

Which shutter style is best for Victorian windows?

When exploring what shutter style best complements your Victorian home, it is important to consider the size of your window before embarking on your DIY plantation shutter journey.

Victorian homes are typically characterised by tall narrow windows, so opt for tier-on-tier shutters for the greatest flexibility. Allowing you to open the bottom and top halves independently, you can maintain privacy whilst enjoying natural light, and when the night draws in, you can close the shutters completely for privacy, insulation, outdoor noise reduction and more.

Another design to consider is café-style shutters. Only covering the lower half of the window, café-style shutters will allow you to control privacy from nosy passers-by whilst letting natural light stream into your room. The half-height look will also show off the beauty of these tall windows.

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Oakland Vivid White Tier on Tier Shutters

Full height shutters for Victorian windows

Full height shutters are a great option for Victorian style windows. However, a mid-rail is required on shutters over 1800mm tall, with a second rail added for shutters over 2700mm. This is so that you can operate the slats within each section independently rather than for the whole window at once.

Do solid shutters suit Victorian properties? Absolutely, in fact, a lot of period properties still retain their original interior solid shutters. These shutters became popular in the UK from the Georgian period onwards, and if you're lucky enough to have original window shutters in your property, we can custom-make solid shutters that match those existing original features.

Perfect as a bedroom window covering, solid shutters provide maximum light reduction as well as minimising noise and keeping in the heat, thus creating the perfect sleeping conditions for your room.

Why opt for Victorian shutters on bay windows?

Bay windows are a lasting Victorian feature that maximises the size of a room and increases the natural light flow. Usually very large, bay windows certainly look grand, but they can prove difficult to dress. Victorian bay window shutters are the perfect compact solution, as they can be measured and fitted to the recess or frame of the window for a streamlined finish. Whilst complimenting the interior of your home, victorian shutters will also help to boost kerb appeal and therefore add value to your property.

We can custom-make shutters for curved bay windows, box bay windows and any type of bay window you can think of! All of these styles are covered in our measuring guides, so you can rest assured you'll get the measurements of your Victorian Bay window spot on first time!

If you are still unsure about measuring your windows, why not consider our installation service. This will involve a shutter specialist safely visiting your home to check your measurements, and at a later date, returning to fit your Victorian shutters.

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Berkeley Tier on Tier Natural Stained Shutters

What slat size works for traditional Victorian shutters?

The advantage of going for Victorian window shutters is that you can configure your design to what makes sense for your home. If you go for louvred shutters, opt for the smaller sized slats instead of more contemporary looking wide slats to add subtle interest to a period home. We would recommend a 64mm slat unless your windows are very large and then opt for a 76mm slat.

The right shutter size slat for you


Which colours best suit Victorian window shutters?

The choice of colour is mostly down to personal taste and what you think works best alongside your interior decor, however, with most period properties, Victorian window shutters often suit more muted neutral tones. Why not take advantage of our free shutter sample service? You get to see the quality of the materials and the subtle tones for yourself. Why not look at a traditional wood stain for your bespoke Victorian window shutters.

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