Combining Shutters With Curtains

Box bay window with wooden shutters in Vivid White

Pairing window shutters with curtains

Thinking of putting shutters and curtains together? Read our guide to combining plantation shutters with curtains for a luxury look.

While the world of interior design sees homeowners’ tastes changing over the years according to the latest trends, plantation shutters and curtains will always remain a timeless combination for homeowners.

How to combine curtains with shutters

You’d be forgiven for thinking of it as a straight choice between the two – curtains over shutters, shutters instead of curtains – but this isn’t always the case. While many would choose one furnishing at the expense of the other, putting shutters and curtains together can provide a distinctive look and feel that many homeowners turn to when trying to create a sense of opulence and a vibrant aesthetic.

A room that has a curtain rail already installed might, on the face of it, make for an easy decision, but to simply buy curtains eliminates many of the benefits that shutters can provide e.g., the ability to regulate light, sound, privacy and more. Having curtains closed in the middle of the day when the sun is shining will make the room hot and stuffy, but the elegance they provide – with the shutters acting to diffuse sunlight and heat – is a much more palatable solution.

Vivid White wooden shutters with patterned curtains and large slats

Oakland Vivid White Full Height Shutters

Design tips for combining shutters and curtains

Pairing the timeless look of white plantation shutters with curtains made from a colourful fabric can be the best of both worlds, just as combining coloured shutters with a simple white curtain can add a touch of elegance and soften the boldness of the shutters’ bright colours. When done in the right way, the combination of plantation shutters with curtains can amp up the aesthetic of a room, acting to create a sense of luxury, casual chic, or anything in between. Having two choices instead of one when it comes to window dressing can result in a space with more of your personality, as well as a talking point for when guests come to your home.

If you’re looking for a window dressing solution for your bedroom, bedroom plantation shutters with curtains will offer you the best possible solution. This combination will blackout the maximum amount of light and sound to ensure the perfect environment for a peaceful night’s sleep.

But this classic pairing of curtains over shutters can complement every type of room and every type of window. See below for a few of our customer photos of shutters and curtains together for inspiration for your home.

Designing shutters and curtains together

Our range of window shutters can be fully customised to your preferences, so you can choose the colour, style and all the details.

So, if you're considering mixing curtains with window shutters, you can be sure that they'll perfectly match.