Why Choose White Window Shutters

Vivid White faux wood shutters in navy traditional kitchen

Why are white shutter blinds so popular?

White plantation shutters are popular with homeowners because they easily complement any interior style or colour scheme.

This means that choosing white shutters is a timeless choice. Once you’ve invested your time and money choosing, measuring for, and installing the plantation shutters, you won’t have to go through the process again. Well, until you decide you want to cover every other window in your home with white internal window shutters, that is!

White window shutter ideas

Are you considering white plantation shutters? Great choice! In our experience, white shutters are the most popular style with UK homeowners. Why are they so popular you ask, find out in this blog.

What different shades of white shutter blinds are there?

We offer a range of different white shutter shades across three choices of material to suit any homeowner's personal preferences. Firstly, we have our Pure Hardwood range which, as the name suggests, is a 100% wooden shutter.

White paints here range from Vivid White, a crisp and bright shade giving off a very modern look, through more subtle cream shades and finally to Grey White on the slightly darker side of things. Here the white shutter shades are more suited to either an industrial or farmhouse style interior, but again do remember that any white shutter shade will look fantastic in any interior space.

For those after something a little different, opt for white grained shutters for a rustic and grained look. For something a little different, have a look at our grey shutter blinds.

Our UK-made Faux Wood shutters also come in two eye-catching hues: Snow White and Silk White.

White shutters in black and white lounge

San Jose Snow White Full Height Shutters

White window shutter styles

There are three main ranges of shutters - full height, tier-on-tier, café style and solid shutters. Both full height and tier-on-tier cover the whole window, the latter being split into a lower and upper half so that the panels can operate independently of each other. They work best on larger windows.

Full height shutters are the ideal choice for the majority of windows, with the option to have a mid-rail included to split the shutters into different levels. Solid shutters aren’t slatted and so when closed block out the majority of the light. They look great on tall windows in Georgian properties owing to their vintage shutter look.

Café style white shutters, covering the lower half of a window, are popular for bathroom windows, providing privacy at the bottom yet letting in plenty of light through the uncovered top half – perfect for bath time!

If you're looking for a complete decor contrast, have you considered black shutter blinds?

Vivid White splayed bay wooden shutters in living room

White bay window shutters

The benefits of white shutter blinds

The key benefit of choosing white shutters is that the neutral colour can perfectly complement any home decor. Whether you have a colourful living room, or a beige bedroom, white window shutters can do any interior design justice. And even better, if you ever decide to redecorate, you can be sure that a white window covering won't need to be updated too. 

Cream window shutters are our second most popular style, if you're looking for something slightly different to our white plantation shutters.

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