Plantation Shutter Ideas for Modern Homes

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Interior shutters for modern homes

Most contemporary homes are centred around a blend of style and function. Sleeker and more minimalist than their older counterparts, modern homes are all about clean lines, open layouts, and a sense of airiness.

And what’s the perfect companion piece for such a space? Plantation shutters, of course. In this quick guide, we’ll explore what’s on offer and help you find the perfect interior window shutters for your modern home. But first, why shutters?

The modern benefits of window shutters

Why are shutters for modern homes such a winner? Well, for one, they offer a blend of style and function. But that’s not all.

One of their standout benefits is the ability to control light and privacy. With modern interior window shutters, you can adjust the slats to let in as much light as you like, all while maintaining your privacy.

They’re also excellent insulators. Modern shutters create a barrier between your home and your windows, leading to less heat loss. This will keep you warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. Plus, it saves you money on your energy bills.

Aesthetically, it’s a match made in heaven too. With their clean lines and sleek, minimalist look, it’s as if they were tailored made for the modern home.

A modern kitchen with Traffic White full height wooden shutters

Oakland full height in traffic white

Timeless white shutter blinds

When choosing shutters for modern homes, white plantation shutters are always an excellent choice. White shutters are clean and elegant, perfectly complementing the airy and uncluttered layout of most modern homes.

It also pairs beautifully with neutral colour palettes, making it ideal for modern and minimalist décor. That way, it won’t dominate your other design elements and will still make an impact.

Whether you have a monochromatic colour scheme or a pop of bold colour in your furnishings, white modern shutters provide the perfect backdrop for your modern home.

Wooden interior shutters

Are you looking to infuse a touch more warmth into your modern home? Well then, let’s talk about wood-stained shutters: the perfect window dressings for a modern home.

We’ve got two wood stains for you to choose from in our Berkeley, Oakland, and Sacramento collections: Natural and Honey.

Sure. They’re not as popular as white shutters – not yet at least – but they offer a striking juxtaposition against the often cool and clean interiors found in modern homes.

A modern home office with Natural Stained cafe style wooden shutters

Oakland café style in a natural stain

Modern window shutter designs

In choosing the style of plantation shutters for a modern home, you have several options. The two most popular are full height and café style.

Full height shutters cover the entire window and are excellent for creating a streamlined, uniform look. They provide full light control and privacy and are particularly well-suited for larger windows commonly found in modern homes.

On the other hand, café style shutters cover the lower half of the window only. This is perfect if you want to maintain privacy while allowing natural light to flood your space.

For the best of both worlds, tier on tier shutters let you independently control the top and bottom sections. Not only are they incredibly practical, but they also offer a striking and unique look for your modern space too.

To find the perfect modern interior window shutters for your home, shop our collections today.