Shutters for Large Windows

A neutral living room with Snow White tier on tier faux wood shutters

Large windows are a standout feature in any space. Offering sweeping views and plenty of light, it’s important to give these centrepieces the dressing they deserve.


So, let's explore how these versatile window treatments can elevate your space.

Shutter styles to suit large windows

Full height shutters: The all-rounder
For those majestic, floor-to-ceiling windows, full height shutters stand tall and proud. They offer a seamless look, providing complete coverage that’s practical and stylish.


With full control over natural light and your home’s privacy, they transform large windows into stunning backdrops that complement any room's décor.


Café style shutters: Improving home privacy
Café style shutters cover just the bottom half of your windows, offering views while keeping your space private from prying eyes.


They're the perfect choice for those who love to bathe their rooms in natural light without compromising on privacy.


Tier on tier shutters: Versatility for your rooms
Tier-on-tier shutters offer the ultimate control. Adjust the top and bottom shutter panels independently, creating the perfect middle ground between full height and café style.


They’re ideal for large windows in rooms where the time of day dictates the mood and ambiance.


Solid shutters: A traditional choice
With their robust design and timeless appearance, solid window shutters are the ultimate statement. Classically inspired, they offer unrivalled privacy, insulation, and noise reduction.


For large windows in bedrooms or street-facing living rooms, solid shutters offer privacy with a regal touch.

A neutral living room with Snow White tier on tier faux wood shutters

San Francisco tier on tier in snow white

How large can my shutters be?

Got a particularly large set of sashes or casement windows? Not to worry.


We can make shutters for large windows up to a width of 2685mm and a height of 2200mm.

The practical benefits of large window shutters

No matter which style you go with, window shutters offer plenty of perks:


  • Improved home Privacy
    Shutters for large windows let you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without the outside world peering in, offering peace of mind with a simple slat adjustment.

  • Insulate your home
    Large windows, while stunning to look at, contribute to energy loss. Shutters act as an insulating layer, trapping air and creating a barrier against the elements.

  • Soundproof your rooms
    In bustling neighbourhoods or busy streets, window shutters will dampen the noise of the outside world.

  • Add a classic style
    This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Shutters enhance the beauty of your large windows, adding a wow factor that’s sure to impress your guests.

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