Casement Window Shutters

Traditional or contemporary, our shutters are the perfect companion piece for casement windows.

Can plantation shutters be installed on casement windows?

Plantation shutters can be installed on virtually any kind of window, and casements are no exception. Whether the window is connected to the top (an awning), the bottom (a hopper), or the side of the recess, casement window shutters are made to the exact specifications of your window. And besides being an excellent fit, they look amazing, too. We’re sure you will agree once you install your own casement shutters.

Why choose casement window shutters?

Window shutters can put a spring in the step of any drab window, and plantation shutters on casement windows are no different. But why should you opt for shutters over, say, curtains or blinds?


Well, not only do they look fantastic, but they have other benefits, too. Besides their versatility, they reduce noise, have insulation and ventilation properties, fit in with any décor, and can even increase the asking price of your home.


Want to learn more? Be sure to check out our blog on the benefits of window shutters.

A neutral decorated bedroom with Honey Stained tier on tier wooden shutters

Oakland Tier on Tier shutters in Honey Stained

Save money with affordable DIY shutters

DIY shutters are a fantastic way to achieve a luxury look for less. While other window dressings may need to be replaced after a few years, our shutters are built with longevity in mind.


And while we provide a fantastic 10-year warranty for all orders, your shutters will last you much longer than this. So, you can enjoy your shutters for years to come while saving money in the long run too.

Casement window shutter styles

The design you choose should be dependent not only on personal preference, but also on the design of your windows.


Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window and work wonderfully for all types. If you have shorter windows, full height is definitely the way to go.


Tier on Tier shutters are a great choice for taller windows.. These give you separate slat control on the top and bottom sections, while they can hinge out separately as well.


Café style shutters also work wonders on larger windows. Usually going up to the halfway point of your windows – or wherever you prefer. They grant you all the privacy of shutters, while still letting in plenty of light.

Our most popular casement wooden window shutters

At California Shutters, we have seen it all, but there are some styles which are exceedingly popular with our customers. Vivid White and Traffic White are the most common colours, and full height are our customer’s favourite style of casement shutters.


From the whitest of whites, to the darkest of grey shutters, we have an array of colours to choose from. We also have an extensive range of lime washed and stained finishes – perfect if you are going for a more rustic look.

Vivid White faux wood shutters in black and cream modern living room

San Jose Full Height shutters in Snow White

How to install shutters on casement windows

The only equipment needed for fitting our plantation shutters is a drill, a hammer, a spirit level, and a screwdriver. All our shutters come with pre-drilled holes too, so you don’t even have to worry about drilling your own. Just like measuring, we have easy to follow installation guides for you to follow. It honestly couldn't be simpler!

Get your window shutter cost

So, now that you're ready to get started, all you need to do is select your desired style, material, and a few extra bits.


If you’re only after a price for now, you can enter your measurements into our online calculator to receive your free quick quote.


So, ready to get started?

Shop our casement window shutter collections

One of the great things about casement windows is their versatility. They suit all shutter types, but let us narrow things down for you with some of our favourites.


San Francisco full height shutters

  • Whole window coverage for full privacy control. 
  • The hidden tilt rod offers a clean, modern look.

Sacramento full height

  • Solid panel shutters that work wonderfully in period properties.
  • Excellent light reduction for a perfect night's sleep.

San Jose café style

  • 100% waterproof. Ideal for windows prone to condensation.
  • The distinctive central tilt rod adds a dash of continental chic.

Browse our casement window shutter collections today and add some extra glamour to your home.

How DIY shutters work

Ready to add some sophistication to your space? Here's how to get the look for less.

Step 1 Measure


Grab a tape measure and get started with our easy guides.

Step 2 Configure


Got your measurements? Now it's time to customise.

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Step 3 Install


You'll be amazed by how easy it is to fit your new shutters.

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