How to Choose the Right Shutter Slat Size for Your Windows

Vivid White 89mm wooden shutter slats

Whether you are looking for more privacy, better light control or just a classic interior, plantation shutters have it all!

Plantation shutters are made up of several panels housed within a frame. These panels contain a rung of slats, also called louvers. But what do these plantation shutter slats do? And are you thinking 'what size shutters should I get?' Well, here’s where we can help…

What do plantation shutter slats do

The slats in shutters are used to let in or block out light. Simply tilting the slats will allow you to control how much light enters your room.

You can open and close your slats using your hand if you have a Clearview/hidden rod or by using a central/offset pushrod that runs down the front of your slats

Which shutter tilt rod option?

The central tilt rod connects the slats with a wooden rod, positioned front and centre. (Pictured above) This is a classic style that suits period properties. The use of a rod means that you can open and close the shutter slats from the bottom of the rung, which is a practical advantage for larger windows as you are not relying on having to access the top of your windows.

The Hidden option connects the shutter slats via an integrated mechanism hidden within the stile.

White Grained wooden shutters with a central tilt rod

Oakland White Grained Shutter

What size plantation shutters should you get?

For the best appearance, you should measure the window opening without including any frame or trim around it. Generally, the width of the shutters should be half of the total window width.

The standard plantation shutter sizes

If you're wondering what size slats on shutters is best, we offer 4 standard sizes of slats to suit anyone's personal preferences: 64mm, 76mm, 89mm or 114mm.

Which slat size you choose can be determined by a number of reasons:

  • The aesthetic you wish to achieve
  • The level of light control desired
  • The size of your windows Privacy

When open, a larger slat would decrease the privacy your shutters offer. If you have a smaller window, a larger slat may look bulky and would mean that you have fewer slats in total. Similarly, if you have a very large window, a small slat may make your windows look too busy.

64mm and 76mm slats

These smaller sizes are the most popular at California Shutters. Choosing one of these sizes means there will be more slats within your panels and therefore when they’re open, they’ll let in slightly less light. These smaller slats suit more traditional homes with period features and are also ideal for smaller windows. As they offer more privacy from the outside world, this slat size would be suitable for bedroom shutters and bathroom shutters where privacy is important.

89mm and 114mm slats

Choosing a larger slat means that there’ll be fewer slats within your panels and they will, therefore, let in more light. The larger slats offer a more contemporary look and complement a larger window. As this slat size lets in more light and offers less privacy than the smaller sizes, this style would suit communal rooms with living room shutters and kitchen shutters.

"Do solid shutters have slats? Quite simply – no! Solid shutters are still made up of panels within a frame, but the panels are crafted from a solid piece of wood. To adjust the light with this shutter style you simply open the whole panel. The downside to this style is that it’s either fully open or fully closed with no in-between like its slatted counterparts. The upside to this style is when the solid panels are shut, they do offer the best light reduction of all the styles.

Here’s a helpful video to further inform your slat decision:

Vivid White 89mm wooden shutter slats

Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference when it comes to your shutter slats. Which size appeals to you most? Like choosing a favourite style of shutter, it’s up to you to decide on the look you wish to achieve!