Bathroom Shutters

With a range of stylish waterproof window covering options, window shutters aren’t only for living rooms and bedrooms.

Fully waterproof

10 year guarantee

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Plantation shutters are the most stylish bathroom window dressing, but they’re also highly practical too. Who said functionality had to sacrifice style? Well, it certainly wasn’t us.

Why choose bathroom shutters?

In a nutshell, bathroom shutters are much more practical, durable, and stylish than other bathroom window dressings.


Bathroom interior design is all about creating a calming and comforting space. That means simple yet striking décor choices – no bells or whistles. With their clean lines and no-fuss design, shutters are the only window dressing to tick all the boxes.


Other options such as Venetian or pull-down blinds can suffer from mold build-up in humid conditions. Bathroom shutters, however, are hardwearing and easy to clean, and depending on the material you choose, they could be waterproof.


Plus, unlike blinds and curtains, window shutters give you the ultimate control of privacy while still allowing light to enter the room.


And don’t forget, with our UK-made, waterproof faux wood shutters, you'll have your shutters in just a couple of weeks…if not sooner!

Waterproof shutters

If you want to revamp your whole home with shutters but you’re worried about excess damp or moisture in certain rooms (like bathrooms), go with faux wood. They won't warp, fade, or peel - and that's a promise. They're the perfect solution for bathroom window dressings.


Their PVC is 100% waterproof, so you can be sure that your new DIY shutters will last for years, decades even. 


Want some waterproof blinds for a shower window? Here's your answer. With your new faux wood shutters, condensation won’t be an issue, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Which shutter styles best suit bathrooms?

Tall, narrow windows are well suited to full height, tier on tier, and café style, whereas smaller windows tend to work better with full height window shutters only.


Full height shutters are ideal for reducing light and providing ultimate privacy, whereas café style offers a perfect blend of the two.


A bathroom at street-level may require full height shutters for a greater degree of privacy, while there’s always tier on tier for the best of both worlds.


Don’t forget, if you’re still unsure, contact the team today for some expert advice. Click on the chat icon at the bottom right of this webpage and we’ll get back to you shortly.

A traditional bathroom with Silk White cafe style faux wood shutters

San Jose Cafe Style shutters in Silk White

Which material is best for bathroom shutters?

We recommend our faux wood collections – San Francisco, San Jose and LA Urban – especially in very damp bathrooms. They’re hard-wearing and a 100% waterproof bathroom window dressing solution. Plus, they have the same stylish look and feel as their hardwood counterparts.


Limewash wooden shutters are a little more susceptible to moisture damage, so aren’t recommended for bathrooms.

Are bathroom shutters easy to measure and fit?

Just like those for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen window coverings, our bathroom shutters are easy to measure and even easier to fit. We always say that if you can put together flat pack furniture then you can install DIY window shutters. Even the most basic grasp of DIY is enough - you just need a decent tape measure, spirit level, drill, and screwdriver.


The most important part is getting your window measurements right. Do that, then the rest is a breeze. And with our handy shutter installation guides, you’ll be done in no time.


Need help measuring? Click the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen to speak to one of our experts.

Can I fit shutters behind my bathroom sink?

Yes. You can choose from a range of different frame depths, so you can opt for a shallower frame should your taps be close to the window. If you want to open your shutter panels, we can advise on an appropriate panel configuration that’ll be practical and stylish.


If you need some help, get in touch today and one of our team members will get you off and running.

How much do bathroom shutters cost?

Got your measurements? Great. Head over to our shop and enter your window dimensions for an idea of the price of interior shutters. From there, you’re ready to start designing your very own waterproof bathroom shutters.

A modern bathroom with Snow White full height faux wood shutters

Find out how much your bathroom shutters might cost

Enter your window measurements to get an instant price.


Find your ideal bathroom shutters

We've got a wide range of bathroom shutters for you to choose from. To save you some leg work, here are our favourites:


San Jose full height shutters

  • 100% waterproof faux wood to stand up to condensation.
  • A central tilt rod provides a classic look and full slat control.

San Francisco café style shutters

  • Faux wood half height shutters offer privacy and brightness.
  • The hidden pushrod for a clean, modern look.

LA Urban full height shutters

  • Sleek slat design offers exceptional privacy. 
  • Contemporary choice which blends beautifully into modern homes.


Ready to up your bathroom's style? Shop our waterproof faux wood shutters today.