What Colour Shutters Go with Grey Walls

Cottage living room with White full height shutters

Grey walls have long been a popular choice for modern interiors, offering a versatile backdrop that complements all sorts of décor styles.


From classic white window shutters to subtle creams and sophisticated greys, the right shutter colour can elevate your space and create a look that’s at once harmonious and eye catching.


So, let’s find the perfect shutters for your grey walls.

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Classic whites

For a timeless and elegant look, consider pairing your grey walls with crisp white shutters.


Shades like Silk White and Vivid White will create a striking contrast against the cool tones of grey, adding brightness and visual interest to your space.


White shutters also make rooms feel larger and more open, making them an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

Cream shutters on grey walls

If you prefer a softer, more understated look, you can’t go wrong with cream shutters on grey walls.


Our classic Cream shutters offer warmth and depth, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in any home.


Cream shutters provide a subtle contrast to grey walls while still maintaining a cohesive and harmonious look.

Sophisticated greys

Embrace the beauty of monochromatic design by selecting grey shutters that coordinate with your grey walls.


Whether it’s our lighter Signal Grey or the bolder and more arresting Traffic Grey, they’re sure to create a sophisticated look.


Grey shutters add depth and dimension to your space, enhancing the contemporary feel of your interior.

A neutral decorated bedroom with Natural Stained tier on tier wooden shutters

Oakland tier on tier shutters - natural stained

Natural wood stains

For a touch of warmth and texture, natural wood-stained shutters are an excellent companion piece for your grey walls.


Our shades of Honey and Natural both offer a rich and organic look that pairs beautifully with the cool tones of grey.


Natural wood shutters are also perfect for adding a touch more warmth and character to your space, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

White grained finish

For a rustic and homely aesthetic, opt for shutters in our White Grained finish.


This textured finish adds depth and dimension to your shutters, making them a great choice for period and beachside properties alike.

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With these stylish shutter options, you’ll enhance the beauty of your grey walls and create a stunning interior space that reflects your unique style.


Explore our shutter collections today to find the perfect match for your grey walls.


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