5 Bathroom Window Dressing Ideas

Snow White faux wood shutters in modern bathroom

Bathroom window covering ideas

Firstly, what do you require from your bathroom window dressing? The essentials are privacy, the capability to let light in, heat insulation and the capacity to withstand moisture. Now, what do you want from your bathroom window treatments? It has to be style, durability and clean lines to create a timeless look.

Bathroom window shutters

Bathroom shutters really do tick every box. They allow complete privacy, full light control, they keep the warmth in AND are available in our waterproof shutter range, so can withstand even direct contact with moisture!

Unlike their window dressing counterparts, shutters are incredibly sturdy and are built to last. They won’t become damp or build up mildew in humid conditions, and bathroom shutters are also incredibly easy to clean. Bonus!

Our Café style shutters are a great option for your bathroom window décor, as this half height option allows lots of lovely natural light in whilst providing privacy with the bottom section.

Appropriate shutter styles depend on the size and design of your windows. Large and narrow bathroom windows best lend themselves to full height shutters, whilst wide windows are beautifully complemented by our Café style shutters. 

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2: Bathroom window privacy ideas

A nice option for smaller windows where you want to improve your privacy is frosted windows.

Frosted window film will give you the instant bathroom window privacy you need whilst still letting in light. With a lot of companies offering etched frosted designs, you can really be creative with this simple option.

Our favourites are delicate spots and classic geometrics that will complement any bathroom window décor.

3: Venetians for your Velux window

A lot of bathroom windows can be found in lofts and attics and therefore a lot of people’s bathroom windows are now Velux. Venetian blinds are one option to consider. Visually clean and classic, they’re a bathroom window décor that will accompany a range of styles. These blinds are now available in power operated and manually controlled options. This could be an essential feature if your windows are high up and you want to be able to open and close your window dressing.

Loft shutters can also be fitted onto Velux windows. At California Shutters, all our shutter frames are fitted with magnets, and a simple latch or hook mechanism can be fixed to the shutter itself to ensure the panels are kept securely in place.

4: Add some colour to your bathroom window

Let’s face it, most bathrooms are white. White toilet, white sink, white bath. Boring! A classic way to add tonality and warmth to your bathroom is with plantation shutters.

Trending now are leafy greens, botanicals and natural materials such as solid wood, rattan and marble. Wooden shutters can add warmth and tone to your bathroom window décor. Paired with a few indoor plants and some rattan baskets, and - ta-dah!- you now have an affordable and stylish interior.

Silk White faux wood shutters in traditional bathroom

5: Small bathroom window ideas

Do you have teeny-tiny bathroom windows? If you’re not overlooked, maybe the best option for you is keeping it bare. (Talk about affordable!)

Let the rest of your bathroom décor do the talking, and let your bathroom window do what it does best: let the light in.

Skylight window in modern bathroom

bear bathroom window

Bathroom window dressing ideas

Whether your bathroom window is small or large, bathroom shutters are an ideal dressing for your windows.

With a waterproof material that endures even in wet rooms, these shutters are built to last.

Made from sustainable materials that will offer you the durability to withstand the test of time; plantation shutters also provide a design staple that will work with whatever décor you choose for your bathroom.