Affordable Shutters

Looking to add that finishing touch to your interior style for less? Discover how simple and affordable it is to install quality shutters yourself, not to mention what an incredible impact they create in any space.

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In this guide we’ll talk you through the best shutter range to choose should you be looking for that sweet spot between quality and affordability, the benefits of our various affordable shutter ranges, how to measure, order and so on. Or simply click below if you're ready to start shopping for affordable shutters!

Why affordable shutters?

Why not?! We all love things that are affordable, right? Installing shutters yourself is the most cost-effective way to get them into your home. It costs around 40% more to get the ‘full service’ measure and fit shutter experience, for the same end product. If you have even the slightest grasp of basic DIY principles such as using a tape measure, spirit level and drill then you should be able to install our shutters without any issues and save yourself some serious money in the process. They’re made-to-measure so there’s no carpentry required - you simply snap together a frame, slot the panels into place and attach to your window! Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 


Are shutters really affordable?

Absolutely, and for a number of reasons. Firstly, they represent excellent value for money. Manufactured from either hardwood or tough polyvinyl depending on the range you choose, they last much longer than any other window dressing. Shutters look great on any size of window, meaning you can start small. They can be cleaned with a duster or damp cloth, negating the need for expensive steam cleaning like you might find with curtains.

Lots of companies will charge you to have shutters measured and fitted, which can be expensive. Doing it yourself is easy and most importantly, makes it affordable. All that’s required to get the ball rolling are some rough window measurements.

Which range of affordable shutters is right for me?

Our most popular, versatile and durable shutter range would have to be the Affordable Hybrawood range. Available in a choice of 13 neutral colours to suit any interior style, they’re constructed using a hardwood frame, stiles and rails plus polyvinyl slats reinforced with a tough aluminium core. They’re available across all shutter styles (full height, cafe style, tier on tier) and work in any room, even kitchens and bathrooms (so long as they’re well ventilated). Quite simply, there’s no better built shutter like it on the market for the price.



The benefits of our affordable shutters range

We’ve talked already about how they’re durable, constructed using high quality materials and incredibly versatile. Their smooth finish makes them easy to clean and keep dust-free. They’re easy to install, affordable (the clue’s in the name) and most importantly, they look great!

How to measure for affordable shutters

Got a good quality tape measure to hand? Great, you’re ready to measure your windows for shutters. We’ve put together a selection of handy, downloadable guides to measure different types of window such as bays, recessed and non-recessed windows at the link below. It’s usually as simple as measuring the height and width of the area that you want to attach shutters to. Take a look at the guides and if needed, send our team a photo of the windows or doors in question and we’ll provide specific instructions for you.



How do I order affordable shutters?

Got your windows measured accurately according to our guides? Spoken to a member of the team if you’re unsure about anything? Super! The next step is to begin configuring your shutters. Firstly, select whether you’d like full height, tier on tier or cafe style shutters and click on your chosen style. Next, choose your material (as discussed, Affordable Hybrawood is our most popular and affordable wood range). You can then enter your dimensions, choose the number of panels and size of slats you’d like, what colour you want and even the hinges. A member of the team will call you once you’ve completed your order to confirm the details with you and make any last minute adjustments. Rest assured that nothing goes into production until you’re completely happy with everything. Our team is here to help at every step of the way.