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Bathroom shutters

Think shutters are only for living rooms or bedrooms? Think again. Shutters are not only the most practical window dressing for a bathroom, but they’re also the most stylish. It’s time to turn a good bathroom into a great one.

Bathroom shutters

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about bathroom shutters - why you should choose them, what styles work, materials, colours and so on. We do recommend ordering some free samples first, to give you a better idea of how our shutters look and feel. We’ll send you up to three free samples in colours and materials of your choice and they’ll arrive on your doorstep within a couple of working days.

White shutters for bathrooms

Why opt for bathroom shutters?

In a nutshell, they’re far more practical and look more stylish than any other bathroom window dressing. Traditional bathroom coverings such as Venetian or pull-down blinds can become damp and prone to mildew build-up in humid conditions. Our bathroom shutters are hard wearing, easy to wipe clean and available in waterproof pvc for smaller rooms. What’s more, unlike blinds, shutters offer privacy whilst allowing light to enter the bathroom when the slats are tilted.

Waterproof window shutters

Which shutter styles best suit bathrooms?

This depends firstly on the size and style of your window. Tall, narrow windows best suit a full height shutter, covering the entire window. Wide windows suit cafe style shutters, whereby only the lower half of the window is covered. The former is good for reducing the light entering your bathroom and for providing total privacy if required, whereas the latter is perfect for both privacy on the bottom half and maximum light entering from the top. A bathroom at street-level may require full height shutters for a greater degree of privacy. Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 

Which material is best for bathroom shutters?

We recommend our Affordable Hybrawood range for most bathroom shutters. They’re hard-wearing and are painted with a smooth lacquer which is resistant to moisture and easy to wipe clean. Limewash pure hardwood shutters may be a little more susceptible to moisture damage so aren’t recommended for a bathroom. For wetrooms, small bathrooms and those where water will come into direct contact with the shutter, we recommend our waterproof pvc range.

Bathroom window shutters

Are bathroom shutters easy to measure and fit?

Just like those for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, our bathroom shutters are easy to measure and even easier to fit. We always say that if you can put together flat pack furniture then you can install shutters. Even the most basic grasp of DIY is enough - you’ll just need a decent tape measure, spirit level, drill and screwdriver. The most important part is getting your window measurements right. Do that, then the rest is a breeze (all bathroom shutters are made-to-measure and slot together to be fixed to your window). We’ve written some handy guides to help you measure your windows easily and correctly, whilst our team of shutter experts is here to help at every step should you need it.

DIY bathroom shutters

Which bathroom shutters do you recommend?

As we covered earlier, waterproof vinyl shutters aren’t required unless the shutters will come into direct contact with water. Our most popular combination is Affordable Hybrawood in either traffic or pure white, as these colours work with any interior style. The smooth finish is moisture resistant and easy to wipe clean with a cloth, keeping the shutters looking as good as new for years.

What colour will suit my bathroom?

This depends on the kind of style or look you’re going for. In our Affordable Hybrawood range you can choose between 13 different finishes ranging from light to dark. If it’s a striking look you’re after, you could choose something like Traffic Grey. However, white shutters work well with any interior style and are timeless, making them the safest option to choose.

Can I fit shutters behind my bathroom sink?

The short answer is yes. You can choose from a range of different frame depths, meaning you can opt for a shallower frame should your taps be in close proximity to the window. If you’re wanting to open your shutter panels then we can advise on a panel configuration that will ensure you’ll have enough room to open the panels without the sink or taps getting in the way. There’s the option to choose waterproof shutters should you anticipate water coming into contact with them. If you’re unsure, email us a photo of the window clearly showing the recess plus any obstructions and we’ll provide step by step instructions.

How much are bathroom shutters?

Got your measurements? Ready to go? Get a quick quote or configure your shutters now.