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Bathroom shutters

Bathroom shutters are a great choice for any home. As well as looking stylish and impactful, they are practical, heard-wearing and easy to keep hygienically clean.

Bathroom shutters
It’s not easy choosing a bathroom window treatment. Curtains tend to hang over a sink or toilet; traditional wooden blinds don’t normally stand up to the humidity, while bathroom venetian blinds can get damp. 

Bathroom shutters, on the other hand, are an ideal solution. They don’t get in the way of your shower or sink, they can be wiped clean - and they’re built to last.

Control the light
Shutters for bathrooms also give you total control of the light. Close them completely for full privacy, open them fully for maximum light, or go for something in between. When you want a relaxing bath, just tilt the slats to let in a small amount of light and enjoy the spa-like ambience. 

A popular bathroom option for maximising both light and privacy is cafe style shutters.

When it comes to slat sizes, we recommend you go for a larger slat size in your bathroom. Although it’s tempting to go for something smaller, larger slats give you the full shutter effect, and let in more light.

Waterproof shutters
Waterproof bathroom shutters
MDF and painted wooden shutters can cope with a lot, but if your window gets a daily shower, or your bathroom is very humid, our waterproof shutters might be the best option. 

These vinyl or faux wood shutters look and feel like wood, but are designed to be 100% waterproof. Which means, if you’re partial to a long soak, you don’t ever have to worry about warping or shrinking your shutters.

Feeling inspired?
If you’d like to see how shutters could transform your bathroom, take a look at our photo gallery. Or call our team who know everything there is to know about shutters for bathrooms.
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Question iconCommon questions answered 
Are waterproof shutters essential in bathroom?
Our painted wooden shutters are hardwearing, which means they’ll work in most bathrooms. However, if you have a wetroom, or your shower is close to the window, our vinyl shutters are a good option.

Why are shutters good for a bathroom?
Traditional bathroom window coverings like venetian blinds or bathroom shades can get damp and mildewed in a humid room. Shutters, however, are hardwearing, easy to clean and offer a level of privacy without blocking out the light.