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Express shutters

There are certain times in life when you just need things done, fast. So if you’re looking for quick delivery shutters, delivered in weeks, you’ll love our Express Delivery option. 

Delivered in  18 – 24 days
You might be moving house or renovating. You might have a special date or occasion coming up and need shutters for Christmas, for Easter, for a housewarming party or just for the clocks changing. Whatever your reason, we can get your new, custom made indoor shutters to you in less than 4 weeks, sometimes as little as 2!
A small extra cost for extra fast shutters
Our self-install shutters are custom made to fit your window, so they take time. However, for an extra cost (£85 per square metre*) we can fast track your order. That means you could have your shutters within a month of confirming your order. Normal waiting times are 8 to 9 weeks.
* please note that this charge is included in any site sale / promotion. Ie if we are on 15% sale, the £85 m2 is reduced accordingly.  
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Question iconCommon questions answered 
How quickly can I get shutters?
If you’re in a hurry for window shutters, please choose Express Delivery in the cart. Affordable Craftwood has a lead time of 18 - 24 day and all other ranges are 3 - 4 weeks.
Next steps
Shop for shutters and choose Express at the top right of the page. We’ll do the rest!