Express shutters

There are certain times in life when you just need things done, fast. So if you’re looking for quick delivery shutters, delivered in weeks, you’ll love our Express Delivery option. 

You might be moving house or renovating. You might have a special date or occasion coming up and need shutters for Christmas, for Easter, for a housewarming party or just for the clocks changing.  Whatever your reason, if you select the Express option, your custom made window shutters will be dispatched and with you approximately 3 weeks* quicker than Standard Sea Delivery. 
A small extra cost for extra fast shutters
Our shutters are custom made to fit your window, so they take time to manufacture. However, for an extra cost (only £39 per square metre) we can fast track your order. That means you could have your shutters in less than of confirming your order. 

How? Well our shutters are manufactured at our exclusive facility in China and need to be transported to the UK for dispatch, once they are made and fully finished. If you choose Standard Delivery your order will be shipped to the UK via sea freight, which takes around 30 days port to port. If you choose Express Delivery we will use train freight instead, which cuts the transit time by around half. 

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Question iconCommon questions answered 
How quickly can I get shutters?
If you’re in a hurry for window shutters, please choose Express Delivery at the checkout. Once your order has been confirmed they will be ready for dispatch as quickly as possible! 

*See our delivery information page for our current lead times and full delivery information.