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Sash window shutters

Sash windows and shutters are a marriage made in heaven. Coming in a variety of styles, from full height, to café, to tier-on-tier, there truly is a shutter for every sash. And besides their incredible versatility, they're easy peasy to install too!


Why should I choose shutters for my sash windows?

Besides looking fantastic on your beautiful sash windows, shutters have several advantages over other window dressings. Whether its privacy, light management, heat retention, noise cancellation, or acting as a deterrent to would be intruders, we’re sure you will love everything that sash window shutters have to offer.

Save Costs With Affordable DIY Shutters for Sash Windows

There are lots of measure and install companies out there, so why opt for the DIY option? Well, we're glad you asked. Apart from being much easier than you would think to measure and install wood shutters for sash windows, you can also save a few pennies too. In fact, you could save up to 40% by measuring and installing your own sash window shutters.

Plantation Shutter Styles for Sash Windows?

We're very glad you asked! When choosing wooden shutters for sash windows you should always cater this towards your window and specific needs. If you have quite short sash windows, we suggest going for Full height shutters. For taller sashes you will have a few more options (think Georgian or Victorian sash window shutters). Full height is still a great choice, but why not mix it up with Tier-on-tier shutters? These give you separate panel control, meaning you can hinge open the top and bottom sections independently.

If you think you can do without the top half, then Café style shutters for sash windows are another great option. These normally go halfway up the window, meaning you have the privacy afforded to you by shutters, while still allowing plenty of light to shine through.

There really is no correct style when it comes to internal shutters for sash windows. As such, we provide various designs. Because of the number of different design options available, you’re sure to find the right style to suit your needs.



What's the most popular design for sash window shutters?

As already mentioned, shutters for sash windows can come just as you like them, whether it’s full height, café style, or tier on tier. And while we service all kinds of requests, there are some design choices that we see more often than others. Our two most popular colours are Traffic White and Vivid White, with Full height shutters being the most common style. In terms of material, our Affordable Hybrawood is incredibly popular. All these options combine to create a timeless look which blends in with any décor or atmosphere. What’s more, the Hybrawood is both great value for money and comes with a tough aluminium core, making them extremely durable. That’s a win-win in our book!


Window Shutters for Period Homes

This is a question we get quite often, and our answer is always the same: “Of course!” While sash windows are common in modern homes, when it comes to an old home, they are ubiquitous (did you know that the history of shutters stretches back over 500 years?). Victorian sash window shutters are a great addition to any traditionally inclined space, as are Georgian sash window shutters.

While contemporary White shutters look great in any home, an old property will be enhanced by our Limewash Shutters. With their distinctive grained look, they offer the perfect finish for a more rustic or traditional homestead.

Indeed, when considering sash window shutter ideas in a period property, there are plenty of colour options. As already mentioned, white is a great choice for contemporary homes, but you can't go wrong with white shutters in an old home either. We also offer a series of darker greys which lend themselves to a more heritage inclined style. If you want to go a step further, why not consider either our limewash or wood stained finishes? 


Fitting Shutters to Sash Windows

If this is your first-time fitting shutters, then you might think this is a complex undertaking. Lucky for you, installing shutters really is quite straightforward. And what’s more, installing sash window shutters is more straightforward than most. The only equipment needed for fitting our shutters is a drill, a hammer, a spirit level, and a screwdriver. All our shutters come with pre-drilled holes too, so you don’t even have to worry about drilling your own. Just like measuring, we have easy to follow installation guides for you to follow.


Get Your Sash Window Shutter Cost

So, now that you're ready to get the ball rolling, all you need to do is select your desired style, material, and enter your measurements into our calculator to receive your free quick. Click the below button and start your shutter journey today!