Installing Easy Fix Shutters

Now that your Easy Fix shutters have arrived, it’s time to get them fitted. Luckily, you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

What you’ll need

  • Allen key (provided)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Small hammer or rubber mallet
  • Spirit level


Make some space and unpack your shutters near the window. Check that you have received the frame, panels, and hardware kit.


It’s a good idea to flatten out one of the panel boxes to protect your floor during assembly.


You don't need a drill or any power tools to install shutters with Easy Fix. 

Installation FAQs

Check the frame is level and plumb using a spirit level on the front and inside of the frame. It is common for window recesses or frames to not be completely square. You may need to use wedges or shims in this case. 

Sometimes if the frame screws are overtightened it can pull the frame out of shape, so you can also try loosening some of the frame screws. 

There is an adjustment in the frame hinges, so try sliding them up and down to see if that solves it. 

If the panels are dropping at the bottom corners further from the frame, try packing out the lower frame hinges, using the hinge packers supplied, to give it some extra lift. 

If the panels are kicking, try pulling or packing the corner of the frame forward to counteract this. Usually, if a panel is kicking out at the bottom, pulling or packing one of the top corners will sort this (and vice versa).

Easy Fix fixings are an innovative 'no-drill' screw that has been specifically designed for use with our classic hinged shutters. 

The majority of the fixing sits within the shutter frame. On the outer edge of the frame there is a circular plate with a little metal spike. The spike grips to the fitting surface (usually plaster, plasterboard or wood). 

On the inner edge of the frame, within the cover strip channel, there is the head of the fixing. This can be tightened or loosened using just an Allen key (provided). When the fixings are tightened the shutter frame is held within the recess by the pressure that is created.