San Jose with Easy Fix FAQs

Our San Jose Full Height with Easy Fix shutters are suitable for recessed windows with a maximum width of 1800mm and maximum height of 1250mm. 

Easy Fix is an innovative no-drill screw fixing. It is not suitable for tiled recesses. If your recess is tiled, check out our classic San Jose Full Height shutters instead. 

They’re made from faux wood (UPVC) which is fully waterproof. They are of the same quality and construction as our classic San Jose collection. 

The difference? These shutters include our Easy Fix fixings, which don't require you to drill holes into your walls when it comes to installation.  

San Jose with Easy Fix shutters come in full height with a central tilt rod. They come with a four-sided front of recess frame (Z profile) for ease of fitting.

You will be able to choose your slat size, how the panels hinge open, and whether or not you'd like a midrail.