Installing San Jose tier on tier shutters is much easier than you might think. To get started, you'll need:

  • Electric drill
  • Small hammer or rubber mallet 
  • Spirit level 

Simply follow our DIY shutters fitting guides, and you'll be surprised at just how easy it is.

Our faux wood shutters are completely waterproof, resistant to warping, and delivered in just a few days.

They're also the ideal solution if you're looking for stylish and practical bathroom window coverings.

You can't go wrong with these UK-made interior shutters.

Tier-on-tier PVC shutters work wonderfully in any room in the house.

Their separate top and bottom sections make them incredibly versatile, so whether you want privacy, plenty of natural light, or a mix of the two, these stylish UK-made DIY shutters have got you covered.

White shutters are the most popular. Our faux wood waterproof shutters come in two of our bestselling colours: Silk White and Snow White.