Children’s Interior Design Trends

Blue nursery feature wall

Interior design for a child's bedroom

Decorating a child’s room or a nursery room is an exciting opportunity for any design conscious parent. It’s a chance to unleash your creativity. Plus, with the right children’s bedroom décor, you’ll create a space to make them feel right at home.

If, however, you’ve got a case of inspiration stagnation, help has arrived. Today we’re going to share some top design trends to help you create the perfect space for your little ones.

So, let’s get right to it.

Blue nursery feature wall

Top kids bedroom trends for 2024 - Woodland scenes

Children’s bedroom décor is fun because it gives you room to play where you otherwise wouldn’t. One such example is nature-inspired design.

Woodland themes are having a moment, and we’re all for it. Bring the outside in with forest animal prints, tree decals, and rustic furniture.

Complement the theme with warm earthy tones, organic shapes, and plenty of texture. What about a woodland themed feature wall in your child's room? Trust us, the kids will love it. 

Cool Uncluttered Spaces

“An uncluttered child’s bedroom”. Is that even a thing? It certainly is!

Creating a tidy environment is all about storage. Modular shelves, baskets, and under-bed drawers will help organise toys and other belongings. And let’s not forget about furniture with built in storage.

Remember, sometimes less is more. For this look, consider cool colours like bright greys or a nice baby blue.

Feature Walls

A feature wall is a great way to add personality to your child’s room. But what’s the secret to the perfect feature wall?

“Bam!” That’s what makes a great feature wall: impact. You want to enter a room and be immediately drawn to the wall.

Consider impactful colours, wallpaper with interesting patterns, or even chalk for an interactive element.

Vivid White wooden shutters in kids bedroom

Smart Window Dressings

Choosing the right bedroom window dressings is an integral step in decorating your child’s room.

Your choice should be stylish, practical, and, just as importantly, child friendly. Shutters from California Shutters are an excellent choice for any child’s bedroom.

They’re durable, lightweight, and great at controlling light. Perfect for wee ones with light sensitivities.

Plus, shutters are very easily cleaned. So, you won't have to worry about paw prints staining your new favourite window dressing. 

Oh, and let’s not forget their obvious style points. No matter the décor, we’ll have a shutter to match.

Choose from one of our five stylish shutter collections and finish “the look” today.