Feature Wall Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

Grey and blue feature wall in kids bedroom

If you’re planning on redecorating your children’s bedroom, then why not create a bedroom feature wall that completely transforms the feel of their room. Check out our top tips, including some 'out of this world' feature wall ideas that’ll provide a real sense of fun!

Special features

When it comes to ideas for children’s bedrooms or baby's nursery decor ideas the possibilities are endless. But as children tend to change their minds easily, it’s advisable to keep the furniture neutral and really go to town on the walls. Or go beyond the town…all the way to infinity and beyond!


This is where the benefits of a bedroom feature wall come into play, with the emphasis very much on ‘play’. The point is to help your child feel that it's their special space you are creating for them, with them, by letting them help make decisions.


With a child’s room there are many boxes to tick, having to satisfy both parents and children alike, with a flavour that appeals to all your aesthetic taste buds as your offspring continue to grow.


A feature wall by definition is a wall that really stands out from the rest of the room. So you can have great fun making a focal point that really provides a sense of contrast, making your design choice as ambitious as you like. It’s also achievable in a weekend and doesn’t cost as much as decorating all the walls.

Blue nursery feature wall

Bed and board

If your kids aren’t into the idea of posters, then how about letting them loose to decorate their space with their own artwork?


One of our favourite kids bedroom wall ideas, chalkboards have endless appeal. So, take the concept a stage further by turning the entire wall into a blackboard!


With limitless design possibilities, this is a feature wall idea guaranteed to last well into their teens. Simply buy some chalkboard paint from B&Q and you’re good to go!

Keep it natural

Kids love to go wild so if you feel like getting more beastly with your look then ‘natural’ doesn’t need to feel sedate. With a standout bedroom feature wall set alongside the right colours, beautiful patterns will stand out to create an impact.


There are many wonderful, quirky animal designs out there to suit all tastes. You can also match up bed sheets and rugs etc to continue the ‘great outdoors’ theme.

To boldly go

Whatever the size of your child’s room, some outer-space themed wallpaper really elevates that vital sense of roominess to cosmic proportions.


A galactic motif creates a sense of infinite space and when your imagination soars, the sky’s the limit as to what can be achieved. To really complete the look, some space-themed light fittings can also be added.

Childrens room decor with rattan baskets and wall shelves

Let there be light

As lighting is all-important, what better way to enhance your planetary theme than by utilising natural light, care of good old Mother Nature?


Our shutters not only compliment a strong design but they’re also the most effective way of controlling light, achieving near blackout if desired, whilst keeping dust allergies to a minimum by being easy to clean. Bedroom shutters are the perfect choice when it comes to child-friendly window treatments.

The potential to create a bedroom feature wall that your child will remember forever is huge. So be bold in your ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment, and like the little ones in your lives, make sure that having fun remains the priority!