What Colour Shutters Go with White Walls?

A modern home office with Honey Stained cafe style wooden shutters

White walls are the ultimate blank canvas, offering a backdrop of pure potential. But what colour window shutters go with white walls?


Fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the range of choices. So, let’s get to it.

White plantation shutters on white walls

Pairing white walls with creates a serene, cohesive look to amplify the sense of space and light. It's a look that speaks of purity and simplicity, making your room feel larger and airier.


Our San Francisco and Oakland collections, with their clean lines, offer a timeless elegance for a seamless blend that whispers quiet sophistication.

A modern neutral bedroom with Traffic White full height wooden shutters

Berkeley full height in traffic white

Contrasting colours

If boldness is your raison d'etre, the best window shutter colour for your white walls lies in contrast.


Dark shutters against white walls are a true style statement that speaks of real confidence. Sure to catch your guests’ eye.


Our hardwood collections include deep dark greys to create a charming contrast in your home. The perfect way to add depth and dimension to your space.

Classic cream shutters on white walls

For a compromise, turn to the calming warmth of  . This gentle hue offers a subtle differentiation from white, warming the space without overwhelming it.


They’re the perfect complement to a room bathed in natural light, providing cosiness and class all at once.

The natural elegance of wood stains

For a nod to nature, wood-stained shutters offer an elegant and long-lasting solution.


Against white walls, they stand as a testament to texture and warmth, bringing the outside in.


From the light hues of birch to the deep tones of walnut, our Sacramento, Berkeley, and Oakland collections offer an array of wood stains to liven up your space.


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A modern home office with Honey Stained cafe style wooden shutters

Oakland café style honey stain

Grey plantation shutters on white walls

We don’t care what anybody says, there’s nothing wrong with going grey – both at home and on the dome.


Light grey shutters offer a contemporary twist, blending with white walls for a modern, understated look.


Or, for the more adventurous, there’s our striking traffic grey. It’s the perfect tone that straddles the line between balance and boldness.

Your home, your story

At California Shutters, we're passionate about helping you bring that vision to life. Our Berkeley, Oakland, and Sacramento collections offer a palette of possibilities, so start shopping our hardwood shutters today and find your style.