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Shutters are undoubtedly the most stylish and practical choice for a kitchen window dressing. But don’t worry if this is your first foray into the world of window shutters. We’ve put together a quick Q&A to arm you with all the information you need to measure, fit and love your new DIY shutters.

Why choose kitchen shutters?

Quite simply, no other window dressing works quite as well in the kitchen. In many kitchens, space is at a premium. Window sills are often covered, or close to taps. So, it’s important to find a dressing that's sturdy, easy to clean, and saves space. This is why plantation shutters are perfect for the kitchen.


They offer privacy and light control, meaning no more glare from the sun while cooking or washing up. Plus, they can be fitted right up against your window so that they take up minimal space. And, perhaps most importantly, they look super stylish and are sure to breathe new life into any kitchen.

Which shutter styles best suit kitchens?

While this depends on a number of factors, we’re firm believers that café style shutters (those covering just the bottom half of the window) work wonderfully in a kitchen. They help maintain privacy whilst allowing plenty of light into the room. They’re inherently minimalistic too, so they won’t take up much space nor detract from other statement kitchen features such as range cookers, breakfast bars and so forth.


If you’ve a bit more space to play with, like redecorating a kitchen diner, or are looking for a covering for French doors leading outside, we’ve seen plenty of examples of full height shutters being used to great effect. If in doubt, email a photo of your kitchen window or door to our team of experts here and we’ll advise on the ideal style to opt for.

Cream cafe style shutters in black traditional kitchen

Oakland Cafe Style shutter in Cream

Which material is best for kitchen shutters?

We get asked this question a lot and our answer is always the same: in a well ventilated kitchen where the windows aren’t exposed to much moisture, then hardwood is an excellent choice.


This durable shutter, made from top quality paulownia, is our most popular owing to its wide range of colour choices, great value, and lightweight wooden shutter design.


Faux Wood shutters are only really required in very moist conditions, or for those who want their DIY plantation shutters in a hurry.

Are kitchen shutters easy to measure and fit?

Just like those for bedrooms, living rooms and bathroom window dressings, our kitchen shutters are easy to measure and even easier to fit. We always say that if you can put together flat pack furniture then you can install shutters. Even the most basic grasp of DIY is enough - you’ll just need a decent tape measure, spirit level, drill and screwdriver.


The most important part is getting your window measurements right. Do that, then the rest is a breeze. We’ve even written some handy guides to help you measure your windows. Plus, our team of shutter experts are always here to offer their expert advice for installing our DIY shutters.

Which kitchen shutters do you recommend?

As we’ve already discussed, waterproof shutters aren’t necessarily needed unless the shutter is in a particularly wet area. If this sounds like you, Pure Hardwood will be fine. Most of our customers opt for a white shutter as it complements any interior style brilliantly, but we have a range of different shades to suit your kitchen window treatment needs.


But if you’re set on waterproof shutters, our Faux Wood shutters offer 100% water resistance, as well as the choice of two wonderful whites. Plus, they arrive in just a few weeks.

White tier on tier shutters in navy kitchen

San Jose Tier on Tier shutters in Silk White

Can I fit shutters behind my kitchen tap?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. We have a range of frame depths which means that you can opt for a shallow frame should your taps be in close proximity to your window. If you’re planning to open your shutter panels then we can advise on a panel configuration too. This will ensure you have clearance to open the panels without taps getting in the way.


If you’re unsure, email a photo of the window clearly showing the recess plus any obstructions. Our team will be happy to provide step by step instructions for choosing and fitting your dream kitchen shutters.

Browse our kitchen shutter collections

If you're looking for kitchen shutters, we usually recommend our waterproof faux wood shutters.. Here are some of our favourites:


San Francisco full height shutters

  • Whole window coverage for full privacy control. 
  • The hidden tilt rod offers a clean, modern look.

San Francisco tier on tier shutters

  • Separate top and bottom panels make for our most versatile style.
  • Ideal for most window types, including bays.

San Jose café style shutters

  • Bottom half coverage for natural light and privacy all at once.
  • The central pushrod grants a traditional look.

To find your perfect kitchen shutters, shop our shutter collections today.

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