Bay window shutters

Thinking of shutters for a bay window? We’ve put together a handy guide with everything you need to know about why and how to choose shutters for a bay window.

Wooden bay window shutters

First though, why not get those free shutter samples ordered at the link below? It takes 2 minutes and they’ll be with you in 2 days! Then be sure to return and read this useful guide which will give you all the information you need to take the next step and buy shutters for your bay window.

Why choose shutters for your bay windows?Blue bay window shutters

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it: shutters are the ultimate dressing for any bay window. Walk down a sizeable number of streets in the UK and chances are you’ll see bay window shutters looking incredible. We get frequent customer feedback along the lines of ‘shutters transformed my bay window’ or ‘visitors and neighbours always comment with envy on them’. Research tells us time and again that shutters for box or curved bay window add all-important kerb appeal to your home, meaning that not only do they look fantastic but they’ll add value to your property.

Bay windows, by their very nature, compromise the privacy of your home. They also let harsh light stream unfiltered into a room. This is why window shutters are so vital for bay windows. They allow you to maintain privacy as well as helping control the amount of light that enters the room in a way that curtains cannot do. Throw the panels open should you want to, open the slats or keep them closed, they’re an extremely versatile window dressing! Did we mention they look great too?

Why choose DIY bay window shutters?

  • Save up to 40% on installation costs
  • Made-to-measure shutter designs
  • Easy to measure and install with our range of guides

Which shutter style best suits bay windows?

We’re of the opinion that you want to celebrate the grandness of bay windows by covering the whole window. That means either full height or tier on tier shutters are best suited to a bay window, be that a slatted shutter or solid.

Yellow bay window shutters

Full height shutters for bay windows tend to require a mid rail. A mid-rail is a horizontal rail within the structure of your shutter panel. They can be a structural requirement – to give strength to panels over a certain height – and a design feature. They are required on all shutters over 1800mm and a 2nd rail is required on shutters over 2700mm. The benefit of them is that you can operate the slats within each section independently of one another, so a top section’s slats can be open to allow in light whilst the bottom section can be closed for privacy.

Red bay window shutters

Tier on tier shutters operate similarly, the difference being that you can open or close the top and bottom panels independently of one another, rather than just the slats, adding that extra touch of versatility. Solid panel shutters suit a more traditional look (think of Bath limestone terraced houses) and for eliminating as much light as possible (ideal for bay windows in bedrooms). Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 

White bay window shutters

What are our most popular bay window shutters?

Our traffic or pure white, full height, Affordable Hybrawood is the most popular colour, style and material combination for bay window shutters. They look effortlessly timeless, suit any interior style and colour scheme and represent excellent value for money. What’s more, their tough aluminium core makes them extremely durable, and they’re a breeze to fit yourself. For those looking for something extra special, our Limewash pure hardwood shutters boast a distinctive grained finish for a luxurious interior look.

Are bay window shutters easy to fit?

As easy as putting together flatpack furniture. Our strapline isn’t ‘Measure. Fit. Love’ for nothing - it really is as easy as that! All you need are a hammer, screwdriver, drill and spirit level to fit beautiful bay window shutters. All the shutter frame holes come pre-drilled so it’s a case of simply fixing it to your window frame and then slotting the panels into place. Be sure to read our useful measuring guides before you buy, to ensure that you get your measurements right, and feel free to send our knowledgeable team of shutter experts a photo of your window (hello@californiashutters.co.uk) if you’d like step by step measuring guides specific to your bay. Get that right and fitting the shutters is simple and satisfying!

I’m thinking about ordering shutters for my bay window, where should I begin?

Bay window shutters

You’ve read this guide, so you’ve started your journey to ordering the perfect bay window shutters in the right way! The next step would be to measure your windows using our handy guides. Then, enter your measurements into our instant quote builder using the button below. Finally, head through to our shop page and begin to configure your shutters using the step by step checkout. A member of our team will then be in touch to confirm everything with you and to ensure everything’s just right before your shutters go into production. And remember, we’re here to help at every step of the way, so if in doubt about anything drop us an email or give us a call.

What colours do you offer for bay window shutters?

We offer our full range of colours, from white shutters, grey shutters, to deep, dark, Clay if you’re a fan of darker interiors. The colours available depend on the material you opt for and can be viewed by clicking the button below. Order samples and see the colours for yourself.