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Wooden shutters

Nothing comes close to the quality, durability and versatility of our wooden shutters. Available in three materials - affordable hybrid, smooth hardwood or grained hardwood - and presented with a range of colour choices, stains and styles. They’re among the finest do-it-yourself shutters you can buy.


Feel the quality of our wooden shutters for yourself before you’ve spent a penny - order one of each material or a few different shades as free samples and they’ll be on your doorstep in a matter of days.

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What are wooden shutters and what are they made of?

The term ‘wooden shutters’ describes any shutter constructed using predominantly wood, i.e.: no MDF, which many cheap shutters are constructed from. Our shutters are crafted using two different types of high quality, sustainably sourced hardwood - namely Basswood and Ash. The latter is used to make our premium quality Grained Hardwood range, whilst the former constitutes the Smooth Hardwood and Affordable Wood Hybrid varieties. The latter in this case gets it's ‘hybrid’ name owing to its polyvinyl slats reinforced with an aluminium core for extra durability. The frames themselves are made from strong Basswood. In short, all our shutters are crafted with real, strong hardwood. There is no MDF around here.

Why opt for wooden shutters?

Quite simply, it’s a superior product to other shutters on the market. Many companies may offer slightly cheaper shutters when inferior materials such as MDF (medium density fibre) are used. Our Smooth Hardwood and Affordable Wood Hybrid shutters benefit from a smooth finish, meaning they’re easy to clean and maintain and come considerably lighter than MDF, making them more suitable for large installations. We are able to offer our wooden shutters at near-MDF prices as you fit them yourself, saving on expensive measuring and installation fees. This means you get a far superior product for almost the same price!

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Do wooden shutters block out light?

With all their slats fully closed in the upward position, our wooden shutters do a pretty good job of significantly reducing the amount of light coming into a room. For near black-out effect, in a bedroom, for example, we recommend opting for solid shutters. If you’re looking for a total blackout effect we’d recommend installing some blackout blinds before adding shutters.

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What’s so special about California Shutters’ wooden shutters?

If the words ‘sustainably sourced’, ‘custom made-to-measure’, ‘affordable’ and ‘easy to install’ don’t constitute something special then we don’t know what does. Add into the mix the fact that our wooden shutters are long-lasting, available in a wide range of colours and styles and far cheaper than inferior MDF shutters that other companies might fit for you, then the specialness factor is turned up to 11.


Are wooden shutters easy to measure and fit?

They certainly are. With a handy tape measure, spirit level, drill and screwdriver by your side, you’re ready to measure and fit wooden shutters. There’s no complicated cutting or indeed any guesswork involved - all shutters come made-to-measure with pre-drilled holes. Simply fix the frame together using the provided bowties, position on your wall and drill. It’s a bit like putting together flatpack furniture, with easy to follow measuring guides and videos you can download from our website. Get your window measurements right and the rest is a doddle. We’ve made some handy measuring guides for different types of window below, however if you’d like some extra help then drop us an email with a photo of the window or door to be measured or fitted and we’ll give you bespoke instructions.

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Are wooden shutters OK inside a bathroom or kitchen?

They are indeed. The Affordable Wood Hybrid and Smooth Hardwood ranges are coated in a sturdy paint that is absolutely fine in bathrooms or kitchens, so long as there’s no direct contact with water. Smaller or more humid rooms may benefit from our waterproof shutters. Grained Hardwood may not be suitable for very humid areas. Call our team to confirm.

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Are wood shutters better than vinyl?

The main benefit of choosing wood over vinyl shutters is that they’re available in a far greater range of paints and stains. They’re lighter and come with more options in regards to hinge finishes. Essentially, wooden shutters are the most versatile choice.

What colours and stains do wooden shutters come in?

The Affordable Wood Hybrid range is available in 12 different neutral paint colours. Opt for Smooth Hardwood for an even greater selection, incorporating shades such as Harbour Blue as part of the exclusive California Collection. Grained Hardwood sees a variety of wood stain effects come into play. You can see (and order free samples of) our colour and stain options by clicking the link below.

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How do I order wooden shutters for my home?

That’s easy! Once you’ve measured the appropriate windows or doors correctly, simply head to the link below to start configuring your dream wooden shutters. You start by selecting a style and material and then configure by number and direction of panels, slat size, colour and so on. It should be fairly straightforward, however give the team a shout should you require assistance at any stage of the process. And rest assured, we never put your order into production until we’ve given you a phone call to confirm all the details with you and to make any last minute changes if required. We’ve sold thousands upon thousands of shutters to DIY novices and experts alike, so you’re in safe hands with us.

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