Originally from Brighton, UK; California Shutters are a leading supplier of DIY made to measure wooden and plantation shutters, servicing across the UK.
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Wooden shutters

Our wood shutters come in a wood hybrid, smooth hardwood and a deep grained hardwood. 

Wood-Hybrid shutters are constructed from Basswood and Polyvinyl. The frames and panels are 100% Basswood with the slats made from solid polyvinyl with an integral aluminium core. It's arguably the perfect combination of material to make a shutters from, light weight timber with exceptionally durable slats.  Smooth Hardwood is a solid wood shutter with a lovely smooth grain and Deep Grained hardwood shutters are made from beautiful ash wood. If you’re looking to buy wooden plantation shutters, they’re the finest quality around.
Naturally beautiful
Naturally beautiful, real wood shutters will add character and warmth to any room. You can choose a stain that lets the natural characteristics of your wooden shutters shine through, or go for painted wooden shutters to complement your d├ęcor. They are suitable for all window types, including bay windows.     
Sustainably sourced
Our Deep Grained shutters are natural wood shutters, crafted from Ash. They come with the official FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) stamp – your guarantee that you are buying ethically sourced wooden shutters.

Our Ash wood comes from the Solomon Islands, sourced from well managed forests to minimise impact on the environment.
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Question iconCommon questions answered 
Are wood shutters better than vinyl?
A lot depends on the look you want and where your shutters are going. In kitchens and bathrooms, for example, a waterproof vinyl may be a better option, while in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, beautiful wooden shutters can add a touch of class.
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