American Style Shutters

A neutral living room with Silk White tier on tier faux wood shutters

American-style window shutters bring a unique blend of tradition and modernity to your home, reflecting the varied landscapes of the United States.


From the sunny beaches of California to the historic charm of New England, American shutters bring a touch of the USA to your windows.


Let's explore how to achieve this look with our very own California Shutters.

Traffic white wooden shutters in vintage cottage

Full height shutters

All American shutter styles

Firstly, let’s be clear: American shutters are much the same as their British counterparts. They have slats (louvers), pushrods, and the variety of styles and finishes shutters are known for. Some styles, however, are more popular than others:


Full height shutters
The cornerstone of American shutter design, full height shutters offer elegance and privacy, fitting seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings alike. They cover the entire window, providing excellent light control, privacy, and of course, style.


Café style shutters
Perfect for capturing the relaxed American café vibe, these half shutters cover just the lower part of the window. They blend privacy with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.


Tier on tier (double hung) shutters
Known for their flexibility, tier on tier shutters allow you to open the top and bottom panels independently. This design suits the dynamic American lifestyle, offering tailored light control and privacy.

A neutral living room with Silk White tier on tier faux wood shutters

San Francisco tier on tier shutters

Designing American style shutters

There is no one American shutter style. The great thing about that is it allows for a range of designs and style options. If you’d like a point in the right direction, however, follow these simple shutter tips:


Embrace the classics: Start with classic full height shutters in neutral tones. White shutters and cream shutters are very popular American shutter colours. They'll amplify natural light and serve as a versatile backdrop for any décor style.


Mix and match: American décor celebrates diversity. Feel free to mix different shutter styles throughout your home. Café style shutters in the kitchen and full height shutters in the living room can complement each other beautifully.


Flexibility with tier-on-tier: For rooms needing both light and privacy, tier on tier shutters are ideal. Adjusting the shutter panels independently allows for a perfect balance, especially as bedroom and bathroom window coverings.

Bring the American style home

We’re committed to offering a wide range of shutters that embody the American aesthetic. Whether you're drawn to the classic appearance of full height shutters, the casual elegance of café style, or the adaptable design of tier-on-tier shutters, we’re here to help.


Explore our shutter collections today and find the perfect American shutters to enhance your home's character.


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