Monochrome Interior Design Ideas

Two Signal Grey tier on tier window shutters in traditional grey kitchen

What is Monochrome interior design?

Monochrome interior design is typically known for being a black and white home decor theme. 

However, contrary to popular belief, monochrome isn’t restricted to blacks, whites, and greys. Sure, when broken down to its Greek roots, the literal meaning is monos meaning “one” while khroma means “colour”.  However, when it comes to monochrome home décor, you’ll be forgiven for taking a more flexible approach. For example, let’s say you choose red as your base colour. It’s totally acceptable to use different shades of red, or even by adding some extra neutral hues such as grey or white. But that’s not the only way to get the most out of your monochrome interior décor.

Black and White Artwork

Some contrasting black and white artwork can be an excellent way of adding some extra magnificence to your monochrome space. This can work to complement black and white décor, or as a bold statement to juxtapose a contrasting colour scheme. Whether you opt for black and white photographs or abstract artwork, this timeless design choice can be mixed and matched with numerous other elements to create a look that’s at once striking and cohesive.

How about making your own art? All you need is some arts and crafts supplies. You could even create several pieces that you can give as gifts for DIY Christmas decor gift ideas. 

Fabrics for a black and white home decor

With all those similar shades of black and white flying around, it could be easy for things to blend into one and become, dare we say it, a little monotonous. One way to combat this is by tactfully using texture to your advantage. By using textured fabrics in your monochrome home decor, you’ll add an extra level of depth to your monochrome décor. It needn’t take much thought either. Think sofa throws, cushions, and rugs. By effectively using texture, you’ll offset the risk of sameness by adding a complimentary contrast and creating a focal point within your space.

White and grey window coverings

White or grey window treatments are the perfect colour choice to complement a monochrome interior design. 

We’re sure you’re not surprised to see us espousing the virtues of shutters. After all, we are California Shutters. But please hear us out. White and grey shutters are a fantastic addition to any room with a monochrome décor.

White plantation shutters are a classic look, perfect for creating a light and airy atmosphere. They can be paired with white or other brightly coloured walls and furniture to create a serene look. White shutters also balance out darker elements in a room, preventing it from slipping into dreariness. Conversely, grey shutters are a great modern window treatment idea. They will complement a monochromatic scheme by adding warmth and depth to the space.

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