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Bedroom shutters

You’re just one step away from the most peaceful, warm, stylish and spacious bedroom you’ve ever had. The step in question is shutters and they can help you achieve all of these things and more. Forget blinds and curtains, shutters are the real deal when it comes to dressing your bedroom windows with maximum style and functionality. 

Read on for the lowdown on bedroom shutters - why you should choose them over other window dressings, which styles and materials work best, how to block out light and tips for measuring and fitting them effectively. Why not get ahead of the game and order some free samples in the meantime? Then you can get a taste for the look and feel of our shutters before making a decision!  


Why choose bedroom shutters vs curtains? 

If this was a quick-fire round we’d probably kick things off by saying that shutters are longer lasting, they block out more noise and light, they’re more versatile, easier to clean, far more stylish than curtains and take up less space. How’s that for straight talking? Evidence also tells us that shutters add curb appeal and can actually increase the value of your property by becoming part of the fixtures and fittings, something that curtains can’t do.


Coloured bedroom window shutters

Which shutter styles best suit bedrooms?

When we talk about bedroom shutters styles we mean whether the shutter is full height (covering the whole window), tier on tier (full height but split into a bottom and top section), cafe style (half height) or solid (no slats, a solid wood covering). The style you choose for your bedroom is dependent both on personal taste, the style of your home and what you’re trying to achieve with your bedroom shutters. If you’re going for as much of a blackout effect as possible, go with solid shutters. It’s worth noting that this effect can also be achieved by installing simple blackout blinds behind any of our standard slatted shutters. 

Full height shutters are our most popular bedroom shutter style as the slats can be closed to keep out light, retain warmth and reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside, yet left open during the day. Cafe style tends not to work all that well for a bedroom as unwelcome light will enter from the top at night (these are more suited to a bathroom, kitchen or living room). Tier on tier is a superbly versatile style as the top and bottom slats and panels can function independently of each other. Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 

Which material should I choose for my bedroom shutters?

All of our shutters are constructed using the finest quality, durable hardwood. Our Affordable Hybrawood range is the most popular and, as the name suggests, affordable variety. Hardwood frames and stiles are combined with polyvinyl slats reinforced with a tough aluminium core - a great choice for a child’s bedroom when the shutters might take a bit of a bashing. This range is also available in the largest selection of paints and shades that we offer. For an elegant, grained look, opt for the Limewash Pure Hardwood range. Waterproof PVC shutters aren’t necessary for a bedroom so can be discounted in this case. They’re also a little heavier and limited in terms of the colours available.

DIY bedroom shutters

Are bedroom shutters easy to measure and fit?

We pride ourselves on the fact that practically anyone, regardless of DIY knowledge, can install our shutters. If you can put together flatpack furniture then chances are you’ll have no problem with DIY shutters. Once you’ve got your window measurements right the rest is a breeze, and our comprehensive written and video guides - not to mention in-house team of experts - are there to help at every step of the way. Everything is delivered made-to-measure, clearly labelled and with all of the components you’ll need, meaning that with the help of a spirit measure, drill and screwdriver you’ll have your bedroom shutters up in no time.


Which bedroom shutters are best for blocking out light? ​

Whilst no bedroom shutters completely block out all light on their own, solid shutters are best for achieving a near blackout effect. Installing blackout blinds behind the shutters is a great option for increasing the light absorption whilst retaining the style of shutters on your windows. Most of our customers opt for full height shutters which do a more than decent job of ensuring you’ll enjoy a dark and peaceful bedroom at night, whilst giving you the option of keeping the slats open to let light in during the day.

window shutter colour choices

What colour shutter is best for a bedroom?

A variation of white, such as Pure, Traffic or Signal, accounts for around 90% of our bedroom shutter purchases. White works with practically any interior style and is great for a timeless look that won’t need replacing with changing trends. You can see the different colours we offer for our bedroom shutters here. Our Limewash Pure Hardwood range offers a selection of natural wood stains, should you be looking for something a little more rustic.