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Bedroom shutters

When it comes to window treatments for bedrooms, wooden shutters are a perfect choice. 

Bedroom shutters
The obvious benefit of bedroom shutters is that you can control the light depending on the time of day. When you want to sleep in the day or enjoy a Sunday morning lie in, you can close them. When you’re ready to wake up, open them fully and let the light flood in.

Bedroom shutters are also an ideal way to give your room a sense of privacy at any time of the day, without the need to close curtains or pull down blinds.
Window treatments like curtains and blackout blinds only provide privacy when they’re closed, whereas plantation shutters give you both privacy and natural light at the same time. 

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy bedroom, especially on hot summer evenings. That’s why wooden shutters make such a lot of sense in a bedroom. The fresh air can easily flow through the slats and circulate around your room. Even better, while curtains or wooden blinds would blow in the breeze, shutters remain closed, stable and quiet.

A style to suit
Aside from all the practical benefits, bedroom shutters look beautiful and can add style, character and colour to your room. Our painted wooden shutters come in a range of bespoke colours, so you can easily complement or add some contrast to your décor.

Unusually shaped windows
Many bedrooms have weird and wonderful shaped windows these days. As much as they look stylish and interesting, it isn’t easy to find modern window treatments that fit. Curtains often hide the detail, and wooden blinds aren’t flexible enough to fit into awkward spaces.
Our interior shutters can be designed to fit a range of unusual shapes, from arches, to round windows, and dormers to skylights. 

Looking for bedroom window ideas?
Still deciding between blinds and shutters? Love the idea of painted wood shutters, but not sure which colour to choose? Take a look out our gallery page for some inspiration, or call our team for some one-to-one advice.

Shutters in a child’s bedroom
Children's bedroom shutters
Shutters are becoming more and more popular in children’s bedrooms. They look stylish and come in all the colours of the rainbow, so they can fit with any décor. Here are some more reasons to consider shutters for your child’s bedroom.
  • Easily adjust light levels
With shutters you can block out light for daytime naps, and convince them to sleep on bright summer nights. No need for blackout blinds.
  • No dangerous cords
Plantation shutters are opened and closed with a simple rod, which means there are no dangerous dangling cords. If you’re worried about safety in a child’s bedroom, shutters are a great solution.
  • Easy to clean
Simply wipe with a damp cloth. There are no trips to the dry cleaner with shutters.
  • Insulation and noise reduction
Wooden shutters will reduce draughts and help keep noise at bay, so your little ones can enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Anti-allergen
As shutters are so easy to clean, you can easily avoid the build-up of dust that gathers in heavy curtains.
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Question iconCommon questions answered 
Do you have any shutter ideas for large windows?
Shutters can make a real impact on large windows and most styles will work. If you plan on opening your shutters regularly, smaller panels are a good option, so you can fold them back neatly on the wall. You just need to make sure there is enough room either side of the window.
If you’re more likely to keep your plantation shutters closed, larger panels will give you more light.

How can I use colour with my shutters?
Bespoke colour shutters are a great way to personalise a bedroom window. You can pick out a shade in your décor, or add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. For a totally seamless look, our colour matched shutters let you match your shutters to your woodwork or another feature in your room.