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Cafe Style

About Cafe Style Shutters

Designed to cover only the lower half of your window, our made to measure café style shutters are a stylish choice for anybody who wants to prevent passersby from peering into living spaces while still letting in plenty of light.

Choose your shutter range

Affordable Hybrawood

11-13 weeks
RRP: £255 m2

Sale Price: £229 m2

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These great-value, Hybrid shutters come in 13 neutral shades and all design styles. Constructed from Paulownia Hardwood frames and panels with Polyvinyl slats.

The perfect choice for every room in your home!

Pure Hardwood

11-13 weeks
Best Seller!
RRP: £260 m2

Sale Price: £234 m2

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Ideal for larger windows and doors, these light weight shutters are made from premier paulownia timber. 

Waterproof PVC

11-13 weeks
RRP: £245 m2

Sale Price: £220 m2

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Our basic Waterproof PVC shutters are great for bathrooms and wetrooms.

They come in a choice of four neutral shades with stainless steel hinges. 

Faux Wood Shutters

7-10 working days
RRP: £295 m2

Sale Price: £265 m2

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Want your shutters in a hurry? Our Faux Wood range is manufactured right here in the UK for speedy delivery.
Made from premium quality polyvinyl (PVC) and available in a choice of two popular neutral shades.

Configure and buy!

Do I install the shutters myself?

Yes! Our shutters are sold ready for easy 'DIY' installation. 

Do I measure the windows myself?

Yes, you will still need to follow our measuring guides to get started. 

What about cancellations or refunds?

Your shutters are custom made to fit your particular windows, so once your order has been accepted, checked and confirmed by phone and by email, it can’t be cancelled. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you are absolutely happy before sending your Order Confirmation email and making your shutters. 

What happens after I place my order online?

Once you have placed an order online you can expect to hear from one of our Shutter Experts within 48 hours. They will give you a call to check your order and answer any outstanding questions you might have. After the call they will send you an email with a secure link to 'accept' and confirm your order. Once your order has been accepted by you we will start custom building your shutters. 

Choosing the perfect material

Affordable Hybrawood

Affordable Hybrawood

From price £229 m2

Gorgeous shutters don’t have to cost the earth. Our elegant Hybrawood café style shutters are made from a combination of Paulownia Hardwood and Polyvinyl. These shutters are even tougher than MDF thanks to their strong aluminium core. They’re hard-wearing, durable, very affordable and available in a choice of 4 slat sizes and 13 painted finishes. They’re the UK’s best-selling shutters.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux Wood Shutters

From price £265 m2

Our Faux Wood café style window shutters are manufactured from polyvinyl (PVC) making suitable for any room, including bathrooms. They are expertly constructed at our own production facility right here in the UK and are typically dispatched in only a couple of weeks!

Pure Hardwood

Pure Hardwood

From price £234 m2

Our Smooth Hardwood cafe style window shutters are made from a quality Paulownia timber making them suitable for almost any size or type of window. With a smooth texture, you’re guaranteed a lovely painted finish. They’re eco-friendly, too, as the wood we use is fast-growing and therefore sustainable. These classic full-height shutters are available in 4 different slat sizes and choice of 28 different finishes.

Waterproof PVC

Waterproof PVC

From price £220 m2

There’s a perfect shutter style for every room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms. Our vinyl café style shutters are 100% waterproof so they’re an easy-clean, hardwearing, practical choice.

All in the details

Which Tilt Rod?

Tilt rods are used to open and close slatted shutter panels. We have four options to choose from!

Central Tilt Rods are simple and stylish. The traditional wooden wooden rods attach to the front of the slats in the centre of each panel.

Offset Tilt rods are similar but positioned off to the hinged side of each panel. 

Clearview Tilt Rods are a great choice for contemporary interiors. A thin metal bar connects the slats at the back of the panels. It is discreetly positioned off to one side to keep it out of view.

If you want to go fully-concealed choose our new Hidden Tilt Rod which is a mechanism that is built into the side of the panel so no rod can be seen! New for Spring 2020

Getting the right light

Slat sizes for shutters are down to personal preference. If you have large windows, french doors or a contemporary look to your home, wide louvres or slats (89mm or 114mm) often work best.

For traditional-style homes or smaller windows, narrow slats (64mm) could be a better option.

Remember, the wider the slats, the deeper your shutter frame needs to be, so that might influence your choi

Choosing the right frame for your window

Shutter frames are used to affix your shutters to your window area and they’re the perfect way to show off your shutters to full advantage. They're also useful for disguising uneven walls and windows that aren’t level, often found in older homes.

Shutter frames come in two styles – inside mount, where the frame sits inside the window recess allowing you full use of your window sill, or outside mount, where the frame is mounted to the wall area, ideal if your windows aren’t recessed.

Either way, your chosen shutter panels will be neatly mounted inside the shutter frames for a lovely professional finish.

Hinges to complement your shutter style

Hinges are used to attach your shutter panels to the shutter frames mounted either inside or outside your window recess. The high-quality fittings we use are guaranteed to make opening and closing your shutters smooth and easy.

Hinges are available in a wide range of styles, finishes and colours so you can choose a discreet hinge that blends in with your shutter style or opt for a contrasting hinge that complements your interior design look. 

Everything you need to know about midrails

Midrails run horizontally between a shutter panel’s top and bottom rails.

Although entirely optional, they’re a good way of giving your shutters extra strength and support and are generally recommended if your shutter panels are more than 3000mm in height.

Plus, when your shutters have midrails, the top and bottom halves of the shutter panel can be opened and closed independently, giving you both privacy and light at the same time.

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