Special Shaped Shutters

Speciality shaped windows make a stunning addition to any room, but they can be difficult to cover. Curtains and Venetian blinds often cover only a portion of the window or in some cases hide the shape, so it is not seen at all. Our bespoke shaped shutters are the perfect solution, whether your window is angled or curved, big or small we offer custom made shutters to fit to the actual window shape.

Facts on our Shaped Shutters

  • Available in Painted, Stained & Limewash Hardwood
  • Available in all slat sizes
  • Some shapes will dictate which control rod options are available.
  • We will supply a detailed drawing for you to check and approve before production begins.
  • A longer lead time applies, due to the additional work required at manufacturing.
  • A surcharge of £295 applies to all shape shutters, this is in addition the square meterage cost of the shutter you order online.
  • Shape designs have specific names e.g., Circle 1, Triangle 1. Please add the correct name reference to “special notes” at the end of your order.

Let’s get started…

  1. Download and follow our Shapes Measure Guide and find your required shape & design option.
  2. Place an order for a Full Height shutter using the width and height you find on your shaped window {Shapes available in Hardwood range only}
  3. Use the “Special Notes” box at the end of order to reference the required shape name. Include additional A, B C measurements where guide requests.
  4. Our team when then contact you to discuss all the details and collect the £295 surcharge.
  5. A detailed manufacturing drawing will be supplied for you to check and confirm before the production starts.