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Living room shutters

Your living room is where you spend most of your time at home. It’s a place to relax, to entertain friends and where you want to showcase your interior style as much as possible. Shutters can help create warmth, intimacy and ambience, as well as provide that finishing touch to any style. Here we’ll show you why shutters are so perfect for lounges and living rooms.

Living room shutters

Why opt for living room shutters?

If you’ve walked along practically any Victorian terraced street in the UK, you would’ve been struck by how much of an impact shutters can have on the frontage of a home. Lounge shutters do what curtains and blinds cannot - they add kerb appeal to a home, with studies showing that they even increase the value of your property. They look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside and can create as well as complete an interior look. They exude a real wow factor and we constantly get feedback from customers on how their shutters draw positive comments from visitors. Why not get a feel for them yourself by ordering some free samples below?

Lounge window shutters

Which shutter styles best suit the lounge?

We always say that it depends on the size and style of your windows. Grand box bays or tall windows demand full height or tier on tier shutters, essentially any shutter that covers the window entirely. Cafe style shutters can work well on wider windows plus those with patterns or aesthetic features such as crittal framing that you want to show off, whereas if you’re going for something a bit more classical, solid shutters can evoke images of Bath or Edinburgh townhouses. Full height shutters are definitely the safest choice as they work well on most lounge windows. Take a look at our Product & Technical Specification. 

Plantation shutters for living rooms

Which material is best for living room shutters?

Any of our shutter materials work in the living room except our waterproof pvc, which is not required for lounge shutters. Choose Affordable Hybrawood if you want an exceptional value, durable, smooth finish shutter in a range of different colours. If you want to go for extra class then Limewash pure hardwood has the unique quality of showing off the wood’s grain. And if you’re looking for something a bit more colourful, choose our painted pure Hardwood shutters.


Lounge wooden shutters

Are living room shutters easy to measure and fit?

The short answer is, yes! Download our measuring guides, measure your windows and you’re ready to buy shutters for your lounge, it’s that simple. Get the measuring right and installation really is as easy as putting together flatpack furniture. Simply slot together the made-to-measure frame pieces, line them up on your windows using a spirit measure and once you’ve slotted the panels into place, fix the frame to your window or wall using the pre-drilled screw holes. Our guides should be enough, however if you’d like a little extra help send a photo of your window to the team and they’ll tell you exactly how to measure your windows.

Which lounge shutters do you recommend?

Our most popular lounge shutter combination would have to be full height in Affordable Hybrawood with a white finish - it’s such a versatile combination in an affordable material that’s built to last. If it’s the luxury look you’re after then Limewash Pure Hardwood is the one to go for, whilst a Georgian property will benefit from solid shutters. Windows with multiple panels or dividing points will look great with a mid rail added to your shutters to divide them in the same way as the window behind them. More information can be found in our measuring guides.

White shutters in modern living room

What colour will suit my lounge?

It’s totally down to personal preference. The Affordable Hybrawood range boasts the widest range of neutral colours to choose from. You may wish to go for a natural wood stain if you can’t decide on a colour. We recommend choosing a shade of white as a safe bet as this colour matches the majority of interior styles and exudes a timeless quality.