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Installing window shutters in your bathroom

California Shutters 24/01/2017 08:43:23 Buying Shutters

Planning home improvements for the year ahead? If you’re redecorating your bathroom, getting the window dressing right means shutters. Here’s why
Shutters are waterproof. Bathroom shutters need to stand up to humidity and splashes – and our waterproof vinyl shutters do exactly that. The material used to make our vinyl shutters is used to produce crash helmets and kettles (which gives you an idea of how tough it is) but it has all the good looks of painted wood.
Shutters are easy to clean – a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and you’re done! Keeping a bathroom clean has never been so simple…
Shutters make small rooms look bigger – perfect for a compact bathroom or shower room. So, do away with bulky, impractical curtains, flimsy roller blinds or light-sucking Roman blinds and go streamlined.

Shutters brighten dark rooms by reflecting light upwards and inwards, so pick a light-coloured finish if your bathroom is light-starved – and remember, the wider the slat, the more daylight will filter in.
Shutters give you privacy – unlike blinds which block the view from the top down, shutters can be designed and their slats tilted to provide you with just the level of privacy you need in a bathroom that’s overlooked by neighbours.
Shutters keep you warm. No one likes a draughty bathroom but if renovating your windows is beyond your budget, adding shutters can be as efficient at keeping out the cold as double-glazing. Which means a warmer bathroom and lower heating bills, too.

Shutters come in a range of styles, colours and finishes. So, whether you want a contemporary, traditional, vintage or country look, you can design your window shutters to suit. Our shutters come in a range of colours, too – from classic white to a vast array of bright shades with our Colour Match Service, so you can get the right colour to complement your scheme.
Shutters last and last. Our waterproof shutters will not peel, warp, or fade – unlike just about every other window dressing we could name.
Shutters don’t cost a fortune. Because you design, measure and fit our shutters, our prices are low, but the shutter quality is still high.
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