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Sarah Warwick 10/06/2015 09:15:19 DIY and How-to Guides

Fallen for the simple beauty of Nordic interiors with their pale and interesting colour palette, tactile natural materials, and focus on great design? Scandi style can be a real winner for British homes as well, so find out how to get the look.

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Get the colour scheme right

A pale canvas is a Scandinavian style basic. Keep your walls in shades that will make the most of the natural light all year round by reflecting it around the room. You don’t want to end up with a chilly effect, though, so choose your colours with care. Architectural whites are out, instead choose those with a warm base. How to ensure you’ve opted for a cosy rather than cool-feeling white? Shop for tester pots of paint and use them over a generous area to check the atmosphere they create at all times of day. Painting your proposed colour on to lining paper is a sound strategy. Hang, observe the effects, then invest in big pots of paint when you’re sure.

When it comes to the flooring, think light coloured wooden floorboards or, for less than lovely timbers, try a pale whitewashed paint effect. If your budget doesn’t stretch to solid boards or engineered timber, a laminate or vinyl can create the look instead. Look for authentic grain pattern and your alternative will pass muster.

Dress the window

When daylight isn’t abundant year round, the one thing you want to avoid is blocking it with your choice of window treatment. That said, if your view doesn’t include a stunning Scandinavian (or any other sort of) landscape but passers-by can see you, dressing your window is a necessity. What works well with the clean-lined, design-led interior you’re creating? Well, shutters, of course.

Which to pick? If you’d like a more classic version of Scandi style, you could choose solid shutters finished in white or a gorgeous grey. Need to be able to adjust the light levels during the day? After a contemporary finish? Then full height shutters have the simplicity, functionality and beauty that’s equal to your new scheme.

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Pick the furniture

To add warmth and contrast against your walls and floors, go for furniture in a light wood finish. Painted pieces are an option, too. You know the score when it comes to the colour of the latter: this is no time for bold shades. On the other hand, white isn’t compulsory: you might want an elegant pale grey to create some subtle contrast in your room scheme. Thinking about mixing finishes within one piece as well – a combination of natural and painted wood looks chic.

When it comes to the shape of furniture, look for the fuss-free and the fine and avoid the ornate and the chunky to create the look. This goes for dining and occasional tables, chairs, shelving and so on, but also for upholstered furniture where unnecessary detail is out, but functional and easy on the eye is in.

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Add the accessories

Look to your lighting for authentic Scandi style. There are some classic lighting designs from renowned designers on offer for those with deep pockets but, for the rest of us, a statement light to create a focal point will do nicely, thank you.

Sheepskin (or a lookalike) is a feature of these schemes: choose it for cushions and throws to create warmth and depth for a bedroom or living space. Glass lanterns, lamps and candleholders will cosy up your room, too. Group different sizes together, or choose a scaled-up lantern that’ll make an impact.

Ceramic, glass, wire and woven finishes are what you’re after when you’re hunting down decorative pieces and small-scale storage for your rooms, but hold yourself back when you’re putting the finishing touches to your room schemes. Say no to light-blocking over-cluttered displays and yes to casual groupings of like materials and you’ll be on the right lines.

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