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Interior design tips for a timeless kitchen

California Shutters 22/05/2019 09:59:55 Inspiration

Interior design tips for a timeless kitchen California Shutters

How long do you spend in your kitchen? According to studies, the average Brit spends 253 minutes a week in there, and that’s just on cooking meals. As kitchens have become the focal point of an increasing majority of homes, these most communal of spaces need to be as visually appealing as they are practical, whilst retaining their style for many years to come. By choosing kitchen elements that withstand the test of time, you’ll save yourself money and all the hassle of having to remodel further down the line.  


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Design tips for timeless kitchen interiors

Here we present our favourite interior design tips for a timeless kitchen.

Put it in neutral

timeless kitchen interiors California Shutters

Picture credit: Kitchen Door Workshop

Before you start designing your kitchen, one of the most important things you can do is choose the colour palette. Bold colours like citrus and merlot are currently enjoying a resurgence but these colours tend to dominate a space. Also popular are earth tones and these more neutral colours, such as grey and white, complement each other too. If you want a timeless design, it’s worth thinking about making the subtle colours dominant and accessories such as lampshades and chairs bolder.

Wooden floors

wooden floor timeless kitchen California Shutters
Image credit: Woodpecker Flooring

For generations, families have enjoyed the benefits of using wooden floors in their kitchens. It’s a timeless design that emphasises homeliness whilst adding a touch of rustic.

Wooden floors have the advantage of matching practically any colour design. If you have a large kitchen space then a darker, warm-coloured floor will make rooms seem cosier. Conversely, a paler choice of flooring will make a smaller kitchen seem more spacious.

For the budget-conscious, laminate flooring makes for a cost-effective and popular alternative. Bamboo flooring is another alternative that resembles the look of hardwood floors, whilst also costing less.
Quartz and all

timeless kitchen quartz California Shutters

Image credit: Houzz

Countertops made from quartz add a feeling of timeless strength and beauty to your kitchen. Quartz is an engineered stone that is mined and then cut into slabs. As one of the hardest minerals on the planet, quartz is renowned for its durable and aesthetic appeal. It’s also scratch and stain-resistant, which only adds to its ageless quality.

Another bonus is that surfaces fashioned from quartz are particularly hygienic, as they’re not permeable, so therefore they don’t allow bacteria and other parasites to flourish. Quartz is clean!


Timeless kitchen interior cafe style shutters California Shutters
Image credit: California Shutters

These louvred lovelies are a versatile feature to improve any kitchen. Waterproof polyvinyl shutters are a great choice to dress a sink window, and café style shutters maximise light while controlling your privacy when sitting down to eat. Simplicity and beauty combined, their style never ages, ensuring a truly timeless and stylish enhancement to any kitchen space.

Glass cabinets

Timeless kitchen glass cabinets California Shutters

Image credit: DeVol

Display cabinets have an enduring appeal thanks to their classical, practical look. They have the advantage of making a smaller space look larger, and by showing off their contents, allow you to explore colour options with matching dishware.   

One of the benefits of glass-fronted cabinets is that they can add variety to the look of a room in a very elegant way. Not every storage panel has to be wooden-fronted or open-shelved!

Subway tile

Timeless kitchen subway tiles California Shutters

Image credit: HGTV

Backsplashes made from subway tile are a very popular trend in modern kitchens and it’s easy to see why. Clean-looking and easy to install, they are standing the test of time and show no signs of losing their popularity. Brighten your kitchen for the long term with a subway tile backsplash, and if you like the look, you can cover the whole wall!     

By installing kitchen shutters yourself, you can make considerable savings on your budget and it’s much easier than you think. Discover your favourite style before embarking on your journey of transformation.               


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