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Category: DIY and How-to Guides

Get the look: Scandi Interiors

Sean Baldwin 10/07/2019 13:50:24 DIY and How-to Guides

Hygge made a big impression here in the UK some years ago, and it’s a design trend that’s sure to stay. But here at California Shutters we’re wondering: now that the warm weather’s here, what about shaking things up with some cool, Scandinavian, summer style? Let's pay a visit to Northern Europe...

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10 home décor ways to make a new home homely

California Shutters 10/05/2019 09:35:57 DIY and How-to Guides, Inspiration

Moving into a new home can be stressful enough without having to worry about decorating once you’ve finally made it in. Save yourself some much-needed time and energy by getting inspired with these 10 helpful new house decoration ideas.

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How to style a home office space (with video from RVK Loves)

Fiona Duffy 15/01/2019 14:26:25 DIY and How-to Guides

Looking for home office ideas to make your workspace more inspiring? You’ll love these tips from Instagram-styling expert, Rebecca Sterling from @rvk_loves.

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New build interiors – How to bring character to a new build home

Fiona Duffy 09/07/2018 12:37:53 Buying Shutters, DIY and How-to Guides

Want to give your new-build home character and style? Shutters are the answer. Find out how they can benefit your place

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Get the look: A coastal interior (with white shutters)

Fiona Duffy 15/06/2018 17:06:27 DIY and How-to Guides

Make waves with your interior design by bringing a simple, serene, seaside look to your home with these easy-to-achieve decorating tips to complement your white shutters.

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How to choose shutters for bedrooms

Fiona Duffy 16/05/2018 13:13:40 Buying Shutters, DIY and How-to Guides

More than just a style choice, shutters are the perfect window dressing for bedrooms for all sorts of practical reasons.

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How to install shutters on UPVC windows and UPVC conservatories

Fiona Duffy 16/05/2018 11:49:24 DIY and How-to Guides

Shutters can be installed onto UPVC windows and doors, so whether you want to dress windows or a conservatory made from the material, find out how easy it is to add shading and privacy with our step by step guide. 

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Creating a beach theme in your home

Fiona Duffy 05/03/2018 10:01:09 DIY and How-to Guides

Summer’s coming, so why not freshen up your home with a bright, beach-inspired makeover? Here’s how to get nautical décor just right

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How to repair plantation window shutters

California Shutters 06/10/2017 09:54:02 DIY and How-to Guides

In the unlikely event that you ever need to repair your wooden shutters, here's an easy guide to help you restore them back to their former glory.

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Create an art deco look in your living room

California Shutters 06/10/2017 09:51:01 DIY and How-to Guides, Inspiration

Love the strong geometry, rich colours and intricate detail of art deco style? While some trends come and go, art deco is one we never seem to tire of. Discover how to get the look in your living room

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How to hygge your home

California Shutters 07/02/2017 11:21:27 DIY and How-to Guides

Give your rooms the Scandinavian vibe that equals cosiness, warmth and much more. Here’s how to bring the happiness of hygge to your interiors

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A blogger’s guide to installing our shutters

California Shutters 15/12/2016 09:25:13 DIY and How-to Guides, Stories

Want to fit quality shutters in your home but worried about the installation process? We teamed up with The Home That Made Me blogger Charlotte Valentine who has recently fitted shutters in her home to show just how easy it is. Here’s her (abridged) review of installing our shutters from start to finish…

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How to design the perfect dressing room

California Shutters 02/11/2016 12:12:49 DIY and How-to Guides

They’re the must-have room for buyers, but dressing rooms aren’t just fashionable: they’re a practical addition to a home, too. Here’s how to design yours in 10 easy steps

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How to create the perfect family snug

California Shutters 05/10/2016 08:39:55 DIY and How-to Guides

More grown up than a playroom and the ideal chill-out space for the whole family, a snug is a must-have room for anyone who loves to relax in style…

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How to do 1970s style in 2016

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 10/08/2016 09:20:37 DIY and How-to Guides

Love the laid back vibe of 1970s’ rooms but want to give yours a contemporary twist? Here’s how

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10 must-know DIY tricks

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 27/07/2016 10:26:07 DIY and How-to Guides

Ready for some home improvement? When you’re DIYing, these are the insider secrets worth knowing to make your room refreshes and renovations simpler and quicker – and your results more professional looking. Hurrah!

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How to decorate an open-plan room

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 07/07/2016 09:25:27 DIY and How-to Guides

The key to decorating an open-plan room is to zone and define the different areas within the space. You can do this with everything from furniture to focal points – follow our expert guide to find out how

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Decorating a living room

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 06/04/2016 09:35:37 DIY and How-to Guides

Giving your living room a new look? Find out how to get the best colour scheme, introduce pattern and pick the right furniture.

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How to decorate a kitchen diner

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 09/03/2016 12:08:13 DIY and How-to Guides

Want to revamp your kitchen diner so that it’s good looking and on trend as well as practical? Find out how here.

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Modern country: how to get the look

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 17/02/2016 09:29:13 DIY and How-to Guides

Want to update the country look you fell in love with last time you decorated? Or perhaps you want to soften your super smart (but unhomely) contemporary rooms? Here’s how.

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10 ways to create a room with wow factor

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 23/12/2015 11:53:59 DIY and How-to Guides

Want to make your home stand out from the crowd in 2016? Tap into the latest trends, and use our clever decorating tricks to put yours streets ahead…

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How to double your space indoors

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 10/12/2015 09:25:48 DIY and How-to Guides

House going to be bursting at the seams with guests and gifts this Christmas? Here’s how to make your rooms feel a whole lot bigger – without actually building an extension…


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DIY jobs that will warm up your home for winter

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 18/11/2015 09:50:07 DIY and How-to Guides, Seasonal

Make sure the winter weather doesn’t make your home feel chilly. These are the items for your to-do list so you can stay cosy for the whole season.

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How to create a cosy, contemporary style

CALIFORNIA SHUTTERS 11/11/2015 09:57:22 DIY and How-to Guides

Want your home to feel warm and welcoming without it looking like your parents’ house? Approach ‘cosy’ in a contemporary way with our interior design know-how…


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How to plan the perfect home office

California Shutters 04/11/2015 11:13:07 DIY and How-to Guides

Whether you’re planning a dedicated home office or simply a study space in a corner, follow our tips to get yours right first time.

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How to design and plan the perfect ensuite bathroom

California Shutters 07/10/2015 13:32:13 DIY and How-to Guides

Fitting and decorating an ensuite bathroom creates particular challenges. Check out our expert advice and get your room right first time.

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How to design and plan the perfect hallway

Lucy Searle 03/09/2015 11:28:43 DIY and How-to Guides

It’s the first space you, your guests and – if selling’s on the agenda this autumn – potential buyers see when the front door’s opened, so give your hall a style boost. We have all the ideas you need.

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How to design the perfect open plan kitchen diner

Sarah Warwick 22/07/2015 09:15:38 DIY and How-to Guides

Extending or knocking through to create a bigger kitchen that will include a diner and living area, too? Here’s how to plan your space and furnish it successfully.

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Create Scandinavian style

Sarah Warwick 10/06/2015 09:15:19 DIY and How-to Guides

Fallen for the simple beauty of Nordic interiors with their pale and interesting colour palette, tactile natural materials, and focus on great design? Scandi style can be a real winner for British homes as well, so find out how to get the look.

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How to design the perfect living room

Lucy Searle 13/05/2015 09:05:00 DIY and How-to Guides

Whatever your interior style, use our expert tips to create a living space you’ll love.

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Create coastal style

Sarah Warwick 06/05/2015 10:15:27 DIY and How-to Guides

After a look that’s fresh, space-expanding, easy to put together and timeless? Seaside chic can be a hit in any type of home, and whatever distance from the sea you live. Here’s how.

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Lifeproof your home

Lucy Searle 29/04/2015 10:28:43 DIY and How-to Guides

Yes, you want your home to look stylish, but for good looks that aren’t fleeting make your choices durable and easy to care for, too. Use our tips to create interiors that’ll stay gorgeous despite the best efforts of your other half, family, friends, pets...

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Get your home (and garden) ready for summer

Sarah Warwick 22/04/2015 09:00:33 DIY and How-to Guides, Seasonal

Spring has arrived - hopefully, with summer fast behind it – so let the sunshine back into your home with these room-brightening ideas…

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How to create luxury hotel style

Lucy Searle 15/04/2015 09:56:13 DIY and How-to Guides

Fan of the five-star luxury look that doesn’t have to shout about how chic it is? Boutique hotel style can be yours wherever you live with our guide to getting the look.

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10 low-budget, high-impact decorating tricks

Lucy Searle 01/04/2015 08:50:58 DIY and How-to Guides

Have you put some time aside in the Easter holidays to pep your house up? Here’s how to spend your time (and money) wisely…

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How to create the industrial look

Sarah Warwick 25/03/2015 08:47:30 DIY and How-to Guides

A hot trend for the year ahead, industrial-style interiors suit both new and period properties. Here’s how to conjure up the look for your home

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The top five DIY jobs you CAN do yourself

Lucy Searle 18/03/2015 09:52:34 DIY and How-to Guides

Think you’re not a do-it-yourselfer? Be prepared to change your mind. There are plenty of home improvements you can take on and save £££s. Try these... then give yourself a pat on the back.

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Which 10 home improvements will increase your home’s value?

Sarah Warwick 11/03/2015 09:49:06 DIY and How-to Guides, Inspiration

Want to make your home a better place for you to live in – and have an eye to the day you come to sell? Make the improvements that’ll count in the future and ensure your pad’s plusher than ever.

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How to design the perfect bedroom

Lucy Searle 18/02/2015 09:32:03 DIY and How-to Guides

Revamping your bedroom? Here’s how to get the new look right.

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How to create vintage style

Sarah Warwick 11/02/2015 11:37:27 DIY and How-to Guides

Love colour and pattern? Big on mixing and matching? Want a strong flavour of the 1950s and a distinctly cheerful home? Discover how to work the vintage look in every room.

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How to make your rooms feel bigger - without spending £££S

Sarah Warwick 28/01/2015 18:36:37 DIY and How-to Guides

We don’t know about you, but by January, we’ve spent enough time cooped up indoors, we’re fed up with tripping over Christmas presents and we’ve begun to think our homes are looking small and decidedly in need of a revamp. Then we realise we spent all our cash over the holidays… Despair not, people, we’ve got 10 easy ways to make your rooms feel bigger and brighter – with minimum spend!

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How to give your home a traditional feel

Lucy Searle 21/01/2015 15:42:34 DIY and How-to Guides

Want to give your period property an authentic traditional feel? Find out how to get the look right first time with our expert guide…

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10 ways to refresh your home for the new year

Lucy Searle 07/01/2015 10:06:57 DIY and How-to Guides, Inspiration

A new year means a new start – or at least a few resolutions. Instead of depriving yourself of chips, chocolate or wine, why not focus on your home? A small change can be all that’s needed to create a fresh new look in every room. The added bonus is that while you’re thinking about your interiors, you won’t be focusing on what you’re missing out on –which in our experience makes it all the more tempting. Result all round.

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How to create contemporary style

Sarah Warwick 03/12/2014 16:49:11 DIY and How-to Guides

If you’re a fan of sleek, modern interiors, clean lines and spacious, light-filled rooms, check out our guide to getting the contemporary look in your home.

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How to choose the right shutters for every room

Lucy Searle 14/11/2014 16:36:24 Buying Shutters, DIY and How-to Guides

Shutters: they look brilliant, can be made to measure any window or door, give you security and privacy but let in lots of light, and even improve your home’s insulation. What’s not to like?

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Great advice on choosing the right shutters

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